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Tahoe Bound

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Headed to Tahoe on Thursday. Going to stay in Tahoe City and ski Friday, Sat and Sun. I am planning on skiing Squaw on Friday are there any other areas that I should make the effort to ski or just stay at Squaw? I will have a rental car so I will be mobile. Any advise is appreciated as this is my first trip out there. If you know of any must hit restaraunts/bars I would also be interested.

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I highly suggest going to Alpine Meadows. Not as big as Squaw but the terrain is equally as impressive. It's a couple of miles closer to Tahoe City as well...just off of highway 89...same way to get to Squaw. And finally, the lift tickets are only $39. A deal they plan on having for the whole year.
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I agree 100% about Alpine. If there's fresh snow, Alpine and Heavenly are my 2 favorite resorts up there. However, I'd NEVER go to Heavenly on a weekend.

Homewood is a cool "smaller" area too where you can get a cheaper ticket and avoid the touristy crowd. Not as knarly of terrain but well worth a visit...awesome views of the lake as well.
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as gilles villeneuve said alpine meadows. not sure of your personal tastes but if steeps and good snow are to your liking i would consider kirkwood in south lake tahoe to.(since u have a car). Has some real steep stuff. usually less crowds too! : )
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Alpine Meadows is a nice mountain - But you will not get the $39 ticket from 1/17 through 1/19. It will be $59 instead. Why not ski Alpine for $39 on Friday nad then go to Squaw and save $20. Another option is Sugar Bowl, which also has some challenging terrain as well as groomers. You can get $39 for Sugar Bowl from a northern California Safeway or from Tahoe Dave's Ski rental shops in Truckee and presumably (but call and check) at their Tahoe City location.

There is a lot of good restaurants. Pick up a local magazine like the North Tahoe Truckee Weekly and see what strikes your fancy. The Coyote Latino Grill (or something similar) in Tahoe City was good and a little differnt take on South of the Border cuisine. Also River Ranch is at the bottom of ALpine Meadows road and Hwy 89 (convenient to both Alpine and Squaw) is also good.
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Squaw is a must. Alpine and Sugar Bowl would also be worth checking out. Since you are staying in the North Shore area and it's your first time there, save Tahoe's other spots for your next trip.
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Thanks for all the info I can't wait to hit the slopes!!!!
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Originally posted by powderhound24:
Thanks for all the info I can't wait to hit the slopes!!!!
one thing you should know about Squaw. when it is windy, it is windy like hell. Some times all the upper lifts are closed becaues of that. And then every one will mob Northstar. It is funny, that when Squaw has the wind, Northstar does not, its facing a differnt direction. There is some new expert terrain opened up for Northstar, don't forget to check it out when Squaw is not skiable.

Kirkwood is too far from Tahoe City, you will waste too much time just to travel there. Some times the road will be closed due to averlanchy control and you cannot get to the South Lake Tahoe anyway. Plan for Squaw and Suger Bowl. They are good just for the duration of your staying.
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