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Cheap Place Near Sugarloaf

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I have two passes that I need to use this year and I may be up in Portland Saturday.

Any good places on the way to Kingfield that are cheap for a Saturday night stay?

Sugarloaf is just a little too far for a day trip.

I want a Bag Burger badly.

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There's a couple of not too seedy hotels in Farmington, which is on your way. Cheapest up close to the Loaf would be the Stratton Motel in Stratton, ME - only about 5 miles north of the access rd.
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Sweet thanks
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My favorite it the Spillover a little past Sugarloaf on Route 27 in Strattan. It's usually pretty cheap, very clean, and spacious.
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...and if they're filled(which I've never gotten to that point..), a light before you reach uptown & UMaine campus..rte.#2 breaks off...up the hill on your right & heads East, ~1-2mi will bring you past a large motor inn on the right-hand side...must be ~20 units or so. Can't remember name though...but you can't miss it...
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I might wait until next weekend as the weather isn't looking good.

Although I bet the hardpack on Narrow Gauge and Hayburner will be sweet on Sunday after it cools off.
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I booked a room at the Herbert Grand Hotel in Kingfield for Thursday night.

Has anyone been there?

It looks nice.

The three places in Stratton all had double beds which I hate. I would have stayed at one of them if they even had a full or a queen.
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