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Jackson Hole

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Well, we just got back from three days of JH. WoW! You all were right, they have a different slope rating system that isn't like anything else! We arrived on Wednesday night. Thursday we did the dog sled deal and went to the hot springs. That was cool and the kids loved it. Friday we went to Yellowstone Park and did the snow tour on sleds and that was a total white out. Bummer, but my mind was on fresh powder and JH. That day,Friday it snowed a total of 15 inches of new powder. So we were really set for Saturday! And was it great. Blue skys and powder. We skied off the Tram and into the Hobarts most of the day. I must go back!!

Oh, and I used my Atomic 918's everywhere. litle sloppy but no problem!!
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I haven't been there in years. I know the mountain hasn't changed but I'd guess everything else has.
In 74 a buddy of mine from Dairyair started a resturant called "The Rocky Mountain Oyster". It used to be downstairs in The Mangy Moose Saloon. Is it still there? He sold it in 85.
Jackson has skiing like nowhere else. One of my fondest memories is the sight of the "roosters" on my Rossi SMs breaking powder on the Hobacks.
My 40th birthday present to myself was skiing Corbet's. That's where they used to say "two things come out of the sky, one is birdpoop" :
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From what I have understood the mountain has not changed. "The Rocky Mountain Oyster" that used to be downstairs in The Mangy Moose Saloon is gone. We ate one lunch there in the Moose and I really didn't like it. Food was not a good value. We did eat in the cafe under the tram dock. Can't seem to remember the name, but they had great pizza and chilli-cheese fries. Dinner was in the Alpenhof, another fine place.

I may never get back there because my wife wants to go the areas that have long, long crusers. Ya know, places like Steamboat or Snowmas. The green runs were just to short and then there is nothing a little harder.

I had fun.

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