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Epic conditions at Mammoth!

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All this talk about the season being over, and we are enjoying some of the best skiing of the whole season. Saturday was stormy with the perfect combo of wind and snow. Sunday was maybe the best windbuff all year. We had about 1-2 feet up top, and everything was buffed smooth. My first run was on Daves. There was already a track on the left side, but that did not matter, as the right side is the best, and was perfect. A nice cornice drop, followed by big surf turns all the way down the shoulder. Then it was off to lap Hangman's. The snow had blown in perfectly, making it supersmooth, and wicked fun. We also hit Cornice, da Noids, and Climax. They were all amazing. They windbuff pow stayed smooth all day, allowing those of us on fats to really let 'em run up top.

Yesterday and today were storm powder days. I skied untracked powder for about five hours, and then decided I better save a little enegry for tomorrow. There was hardly anyone out, and High Traverse never got tracked up. We spent most of the morning getting freshies in the areas that are closed for the season. We even left two cars at Canyon Lodge to shuttle with. The wind was picking up this afternon, so tommorrow may be a repeat of Sunday, with sweet windbuff all over the mountain. By the way, I don't know where the mountain's ski reports are coming from, but they sure are being consevative. I would say that since Friday, we have recieved at least four feet up top.
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I truly hate you
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Must be coming our way. Birds open.
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spinheli is getting milk.
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OKok, sure rub it in Spinheli.
Hope your making turns for the rest of us.
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Leave some...I'm there Friday night.
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stay tuned. we are moving to a new location!
Travel/resorts forum!
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Today went off really big. The sun was shining,and there was no wind. The top was not quite wind buff, and not quite fluffy deep pow, but really good fun snow. The core local crowd, and lots of pros here for Superpark put on one of the most amazing displays of freeskiing I have every seen. Every possible sick drop and line was done; Diving Board, the Cove, Cowboy, Serbe's Balls, Werner's, Kiwi, MJBs, Varmits, French Face...etc You name it, all done with style. Correction, all done with style by skiers. Yeah, there were boarders around, but the day belonged to skiers with fats. One Rockstar poached the cliff band skiers left of Climax, and did a sweet 50'+. He lost one ski on the landing, and with ski patrol in hot pursuit, skied off with one ski on, and one ski in hand. Patrol caught him, and the whole thing was captured on film. Look for it in a movie next fall. I can't really descibe the level of skiing, but to say it was like being in a TGR or MSP film. The top was tracked quick, and by noon the whole hill, including areas that are already closed was totally tracked. We left a car at Canyon, and one at Chair 15, and had company. Hemlock got toally tracked out, even though you had to hike out. Ski patrol was using a sled to lap Lincoln. It was a totally crazy day, and one of the best ever.
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