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Stratton or Bromley?

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I want to take my sone skiing in Southern Vermont on the weekend. He is a solid intermediate and likes to cruise, do some small terrain park jumps, etc. I see that Stratton and Bromley are close to each other, but Bromley is about $15 cheaper per lift ticket. Which would be the better overall value for a day of father-son skiing?
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Having a pass at Stratton, I'd have to recommend it over Bromley. It's about 20 minutes closer for one. And it has a much wider variety of cruisers. Dips and rolls on the right, upper meadow area off the Snow Bowl lift. And a terrain park on Suntanner at the bottom. Fun cruisers at the Sun Bowl area(park here for minimal walk) and Kidderbrook areas. And most of their lifts are quick. Ride the Ursa 6-pack for most runs.

Bromley is more of an old school mountain geared for families.

Have fun.

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For a single day, and a somewhat price-conscious skier, I think that Bromley would be just fine. Their new high-speed squad has really transformed the skiing experience there. And if that lift gets too crowded, the fixed-grip quad on the side of the mountain provides reasonably quick access to the upper trails.

In early December at a race clinic I finally got the chance to ride Stratton's Ursa express, which is a much-welcome addition. But besides that lift, the only high-speed options are the six-pack on the small, flat lower mountain, and the rather unpleasant standing-room-only gondola -- everything else is a slow fixed-grip lift, which does not seem justified given the high prices Stratton charges.

Now of course, Stratton has much more terrain, but for a single day Bromley would probably suffice.
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The two previous posts pretty much tell the story: Stratton for size and variety, Bromley for a more family oreiented skier. One other difference: Stratton has a northern exposure, Bromley, a southern one. Stratton used to be a bit on the snobbish side; but I hear that has changed.
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They are all right , Bromley for value , Strarron for size and great grooming . The one thing about Stratton is they may not allow skiers in the 1/2 pipe . Last year I was told to get out of it after ignoring the snowboard only sign . If your son likes the pipe , you might want to call ahead and see if that has changed .Have a great day on the slopes with your son .
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Thanks, everone. Great feedback as usual. Since it is just for the day, and I don't want 30 minute lift lines, it looks like Bromley.
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Yup - Hugo's post is right on the money!
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Another couple of hints about Stratton:

1) Park at the Sunbowl. I've never been more than 500 feet from the base. And the lodge doesn't get packed during lunchtime.

2) The URSA lift on the upper mountain never has lines...it's too quick. During the X-mas rush, I never had more than a 5 minute wait...and that was once.

3) This area is expensive though. I usually bring my own food and leave it in the lodge.

4) I have yet to find any good tree skiing at this mtn, although I heard some guy died in the trees there just this past weekend.

Bromley gets much more sun if you are trying to avoid bone-chilling lift rides(by southern VT standards.)

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I actually liked the trees at Straton. Moon Dance and Diamond in the Rough, Why Not, and Shredwood Forest are all pretty sweet.
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Stratton also has Green Mountain Outfitters, one of the finest Bottfitters on the East coast. If you have equipment issues to work out, I would go to Stratton.
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