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Jackson update anyone?

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What's the latest? My trip is in just over two weeks!

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Easy way---www.jacksonhole.com. They even have a camera up on the top of Bridger Gondola. They have been getting small amounts fairly steadily. Combined with pretty cold temps to hold it.
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Snow and more snow!
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Skied JH on the 15,16,17,18. It is snowing but still no big dumps. Parts of the mountain are in very good shape other parts (those facing south) are starting to have more rocks poke up. It was however the best few days of sking that I have had this year. It is supposed to keep snowing this week 4 or so last night and maybe six tonight. I keep thinking it should get in some sort of big snow storm cycle sooner or later.

Did ski the lower faces and Gannett(sp?) on Thursday and it was ok to good.
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Was there as well, Mack. The early-morning corduroy was some of the best I've seen, east or west. North-facing chutes off of the Thunder chair seemed to hold snow particularly well.

Bob -- thanks again, great to catch up with you.

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