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A few more Taho questions

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We'll be leaving for lake tahoe on tuesday. three days of skiing, probavly one each at squaw, Alpine meadows and heavenly. We'll be staying at the Hyatt in incline village. Skiing days will be wednesday, thursday and friday. I have a few more questions.

How long is the drive to each resort?

Will each day be pretty much the same crowd wise at each place? I know we will go to alpine on wednesday because of the powdr card. Any preferences on what days for the other two?

Are there any discounted lift tickets/multi resort passes? I know of the powdr card at alpine meadows.

Where to start the day out at each place?

Where to park?

How is the weather on the mountains usually? How much difference from top to base?
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Heavenly should be about 30 min from there, AM somewhat further. Bottom at Heavenly is seldom visited but can actually be a little cooler at bottom than top. Heavenly recommended base area is "Stagecoach" which is on highway 207 just off 50 a little before you get to the casino district (but: if bad weather you MUST have chains or go to gondy or ski run road area directly on ahead on 50). Parking is easier there and there are more runs.

Haven't been to AM lately so no advice for there.
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drive time from incline to alpine/squaw can be upwards of 1 hour, depending on traffic: you have to drive around the lake and there can be lots of lookie-loos at times. very pretty though. alpine-no major parking issues, especially if you get there early (830-unless it snows...then even earlier) squaw is essentially one big parking lot, take the gondy up, get high, stay high [img]smile.gif[/img] powdr card is good for alpine, check local ski shops. don't know of any discounts at squaw or heavenly?? have fun... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Squaw: Go there whichever day is forecast to be warmest, and stay above 8000 feet, skiing whatever terrain suits your ability. The snow up there is likely to be in better condition than anywhere else. Crowd-wise, there's probably no significant difference between Tuesday and Thursday.

Heavenly: Follow the sun. The snow is usually better on the upper part of the Nevada side in the morning, the upper part of California in the afternoon.

Alpine: Alpine Bowl and Wolverine Bowl are usually nice all day. When Sherwood Bowl softens up mid-morning, it may be the best place to be.

Can't say more than that without a lot of info about you. Enjoy.
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