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Tahoe Powder

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Has anyone gone to tahoe the last few days with all the powder? Any suggestions on what resort has the best conditions and terrain? Thanks [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I've been skiing here. The snow is great for this time of year -- Alpine and Sugarbowl are consistantly better than Squaw early season both becasue they get more snow (about 15% more from the same storms -- which is odd given the proximity), and they seem to require less to fill in. On the other hand, I heard K2 was a blast when it opened a couple days ago. Kirkwood is also in a good snow pocket, though I don't have as much experience there.
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Fabulous day in powder to crud on Wed at Sugarbowl followed by a another fluffy day today at Mt Rose. Today we arrived at 1230 and it was snowing lightly and people were heading home, visibilty was on and off all day and the snow kept getting better and better and better. I love those 1230 starts . The Sierra will have a fbulous Christmas.

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