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Horstman Glacier (Blackcomb) in July?

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Worth the trip up from Vancouver for a day or two? I'm going to be passing through Vancouver on July 1 (Happy Canada Day!) and 2, on my way around down the coast to SF.

Originally was going to prowl around Vancouver for a couple of days. But seeing it's only about an hour and a half to drive up to Whistler in good weather, and it's actually cheaper to stay there, I'm thinking about getting in a few turns.

I know that only Horstman glacier on Blackcomb is open. I've skied it in winter. Is it worth it, is it a zoo, what's the conditions like? I'd appreciate any comments. Also what amount/type of clothing is right for skiing there then - am I talking t-shirts, light fleece, or what?

Also, what's the deal, do you ride up or shuttle-bus up partway?

I know, any (Northern Hemisphere) skiing in July is worth it!

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I skied the glacier July 5 a couple years ago. It's fun to do for a couple of hours. You can rent decent equipment in the village. No need to bring your own just for a day.
The conditions are typical spring slush. Many mogul, racing, and boarding camps going on. Lots of good, young skiers and riders showing their stuff.
To get up to the glacier is 3 chairs and a bus ride. Carry your boots! Bring a backpack with water, food etc. and to put your walking shoes in when you get up there. There will be hundreds of backpacks laying in the snow.
It can get cold (and wet) up there if there is no sun so layer accordingly.
Have fun! Give us a report when you get back.<FONT size="1">

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3 chairs and a bus, eh? Well I guess it will still be quicker than the lift line at Solar Coaster during a winter weekend.

Thanks for the info, this was exactly what I was looking for. I'm still deciding which to do... either hang out on Robson Street and unwind, or blow on up 99 to Blackcomb. I've got a reservation for 1 July both in downtown Vancouver (on Robson, in fact) and in Whistler Village - with a 3-day advance cancelation. So somewhere a few days before I'll make up my mind.
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Keep in mind that the glacier is only open to the public in the afternoon (12-3 I think). The camps have it reserved all morning. Still probably worth the trip, though.
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Yes, those hours actually work out for me. I'm actually getting into Vancouver early on the first by train - assuming it's on time, I'll grab a rental car (yes, I reserved one I know it's a holiday) and be up in Whistler in time to get on the glacier when it opens for the public. Hang out in the village that night, get some turns early afternoon next day and head back to YVR for my train south that night.

Just enough ski time to be able to gloat when I get to SF later that week and a bunch of us Bears are meeting for dinner
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yeah mark. just rub it in.
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