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Valle Nevado?

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Has anyone here ever been to Valle Nevado, Chile? I booked some flights using American Airlines frequent flier miles to Santiago for moi and the girlfriend for the last few days of August through Labor Day. No snow down there yet... Haven't set up the ground part of the trip yet and I'm looking for some advice. I'd also happily let somebody talk me into hitting Portillo or another Chilean resort. The GF is low-expert and I've heard that Portillo is a little light on that sort of terrain.
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I have been to Las Lenas argentina, unfortunately it was in the Andean summer. It was an incredible looking hill. It might be worth considering heading over the pass into Argentina. It would be less busy than Chile. They have some very nice hotels and bars.
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I worked for a while down there...El Colorado for Pepe Hampf. Valle Nevado is on the more expensive side, but just put in a Detach 4, which will kinda connect around the backside of El C. to La Parva, also increasing its acreage.
If you go, a friend owns a van transport company out of Santiago, SKI TOTAl, easy hook up out of the Omnium blg. on Apiquindo Ave. They get you there painlessly.
Portillo is worth it lot's of terrain...she'll be fine, you got to look/hike for the crazy stuff anywhere down there. Try Villarica Pucon...cool skiing on an active volcano...very romantic lake setting!
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I was reading someplace that one of the Von Trapp grandsons teaches at Portillo {I think} when he's not at Snowmass. What a life.

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I've skied Valle Nevado.

The terrain is boring. Their is a steepish section off a poma in back.

I went in a real bad snow year so maybe I didn't get the full flavor of the place.

Don't forget that if you an advanced North Aamerican skier you will probably be the best skier on the mountain. The Chilean resorts that I have been to are catering to the family vacationers from Brazil and Argentina.

I believe that your GF could handle much of the terrain in Portillo if she is an average skier. Though I have only heard about Portillo; I haven't skied there.
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