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Loveland conditions?

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Anyone been to Loveland recently? How are the slopes??
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Skied Loveland yesterday morning. In a nutshell:

We need snow.

It was fun, hardpack, fast, and dare I say it, icy in spots.

Caveat: I grew up skiing the East, have skied there once (Killington) in the past 12 or so years, will not do it again(except maybe Tuckerman Ravine).

Maybe not east coast ice, but damned hard snow, in spots. IMHO, if we don't get any new snow, get there early & rip a bunch of groomers until noon or so, then leave.

Chair 4 is open, looks like it is probably pretty good - I did not go there, although I should have. Looks to be firm/natural/groomed snow, not icy, but early season.

Last weekend, a 5 minute sidestep got you 10ish turns in bootcuff deep windfill - was really pretty nice. Yesterday, it was decent - I'm a big fan of Loveland, but the groomers were pretty much it - not enough snow to realistically ski in the woods(still pretty toothy), ehhh, hate to say it, but a "bigger" hill might be a better choice right now, at least from a variety standpoint.

Not sure what the storm that is supposed to hit Utah Thurs/Fri is going to do for us, but it could make a difference.

Anyway - fun, firm, fast, really uncrowded (even by Loveland standards, felt like midweek), had a good time, but we really, really need snow.

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Thanks Lian,
That's about what I suspected. I plan on arriving very early Sat AM and exiting by noon or 1 PM. Actually heading further northwest in Colorado (Steamboat) but wanted to get a warm-up half day or so in a hopefully less crowded area first. Groomers will be just fine for my legs and knees. Thanks for the info! Sounds like a nice storm may be headed your way!!
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Hard snow can be a lot of fun, particularly carving turns on a good pair of shaped skis. You guys are spoiled!
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Agree with arcadie about spoiled comment. I was at Loveland on 12/23&24/03 and thought it was great by eastern standards, mostly packed powder on the trails covered by their snowmaking system. A little bit scraped elsewhere, but very manageable. Yes, they could use more snow though, to open black diamond terrain and Zip basin. This was my first visit to Loveland and I was awed by the gorgeous above tree-line vistas. Even my low-intermediate level family members could enjoy green runs down through this high alpine terrain. However, most skiing is at 11000 to 12500 feet. Oxygen-wise you might enjoy the place more at end of Colorado visit rather than beginning.
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Zip Basin?
I remember skiing the Mine Dump area (car shuttling)on Loveland Pass w/ a group of old timers and I remember they had an improvised shelter in there that they referred to as the "Zip Cabin". I always thought this skiable part of the pass was not close to the ski area though. I wonder if this basin is near that area where we skied. Anyone know? This was an area accessed from just below the top of the pass , back in the days before the tunnel opened, when all traffic went over the pass.

[ December 31, 2003, 01:06 PM: Message edited by: sieur des monts ]
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Nope. Zip Basin is on the other side of I-70 from Loveland Pass (where the fixed-grip quad is). "Zip" must have some specific meaning for the Loveland Pass area, but I claim ignorance.
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Update to Loveland conditions - they've certainly changed.

We got up there early yesterday, front row parking (literally, yay, normally 2nd or 3rd row for us), snow report was funky - the email said "8 inches new, 11 overnight."

Duhh? Ummm, otay. I'd not be coherent at 5am, either, but they'd sent an email the day before saying "1-3 feet forecast, and a foot has already fallen." OK, so it is going to be good, the question is HOW good.

We were some of the first on chair 1, skied down to....uhh, my daughter calls it the Blue Princess, so that's what we call it, the one that crosses under chair 2. Did 8-10 laps under that, roughly knee deep powder, deeper in the woods, deeper where the wind left it.

VERY nice. Not quite faceshots, but I did try riding "switch," got a "butt" shot. Heh. Was fun. No lines, as usual, no competition, as usual, was really good. The terrain park was DEEP in spots.

Went in at about 11:30 to warm up, rumor had it that 8 was going to open, so we went over there. First run, there was a patroller there, he said he had no idea - "maybe an hour?" Skied back down, cut up crud, but soft and nice, rode (4? the chair you have to ride to get to 8, an older double) again, tried skiers right,
trees, good, but early-season inconsistencies underneath. Rode it again, rope to 8 was gone, went to 8, did 3 or 4 or 5 laps on that - windy at the top, but DEEP in spots, I did get some bonafide face shots there.

The news said Loveland got 20" - sure, I believe that, makes sense. It certainly opened up a lot of stuff, and I'd guess 9 is not far from opening - the terrain off 9 looked skiable last week, aside from the flats to get back to the base, that might've been dicey - with 20" the 5" they claim from last night + wind, hopefully, everything will get opened up.

Was a GOOD day at Loveland. Deep, soft, uncrowded, yes, was very, very good.

Iain(Loveland's wind is easy to hate, but when 20" turns into tuck-your-nose-in faceshots, it gets far more bearable
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