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My Canyons trip/Thoughts (long)

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Hi All
I am back at work after a wonderful week at the Canyons.
My first impression was a little disappointing not because of the hill but the layout of the village and quality of the transportation in The Canyons. The shuttles that everyone advertises is poor at best. We ended up taking lots of taxis instead of the shuttles because the shuttles either did not exist or stopped running at 5:00 PM. The Condo complex advertised that they have free shuttle service but we often found that we had to call multiple times and there were often long waits to get the shuttle if they even showed up at all. Thank goodness for "Powder to the People" a great shuttle/taxi service. Very fast and very reliable. The Park City bus only runs to the edge of the city and does not go up to the canyons. Maybe this will change as the Canyons continues to grow and into the Olympics for 2002.

My first impression on the hill is that it is kind of hard to move from one area to another on the hill. Dreamscape the newest part of the hill is extremly cut off from the rest of the hill. I have been told that the resort is working on changing this.
I really liked the amount of varied terrain and the amount of areas left alone for us to explore, Lots of tree skiing, lots of Out of bounds type skiing but actually in bounds.
The other thing that struck me was the ability to be on one lift and have access to all types of terrain allowing our large group to still ski together and meet up at the bottom. Blues all the way to Double black and trees. The exception was "ninety nine ninety" serving mostly Black diamond terrain.
I really enjoyed the quality of the grooming however I did find plenty of bare spots (time to send more snow your way )

The Signs over all for hill and trails need to be better placed for navagation but
there was a great deal of help on the hill in the form of Ambassadors which was a great, however I found most of the Lift operators less than helpful. I guess I'm spoiled by the small resort homeyness of Sugarbowl. Most of the lift operators I noticed were in their own world not paying attention to what was going on. Lift lines were not organized and when the crowd started to back up, the lift ops did not get out there and control the line until someone complained.

The Private lesson I got was fantastic, almost to the point that I want to come back just to ski with Lyle Stewart again. (see the thread in technique and instruction) I can only hope that all the instructors there are as good and engaging. We ended up hiring him every day and even shared a glass of wine with him at the end of one day.

Overall a good experience, wonderful skiing and some great long runs for teaching and learning for the intermediates in the group.
Good lessons, and great snow where the cover was not thin.
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Thanks for the great write-up. These kind of details are worth their weight in gold.
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ditto. thanks DCHAN; that'll help to know when i get there early march. had been wondering about the "free shuttle" to the canyons from park city.
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Sorry we weren't able to connect durin g your trip out here.
I did make it over to the canyons last Thursday. And i totaly agree with you about thier lift ops. Most of them looked like they were stoned, or to involed in thier music.
The Canyons is not known for guest service.If they are, it certainly isn't on the resort surveys we all read. PCMR has better service.
Oh and talk about not paying attention, i was skiing of the Snow Canyon Express around 1pm. As i was unloading, the lift op was in the ops shack, head tilted back, coat pulled up to the chin, and eyes WERE CLOSED. Yikes!!! I should of fell on the ramp, and let the people or next chair behind me,hit me. i would own the resort
Yup they were paying attention. NOT!
If i could of found a lift foreman or a patroller, there would of been another opening in Lift Ops at the Canyons.
At DV, if your caught sleeping, that's a major safty violation, and you would be down the road.
Dreamscape, geess, it was almost in Park City. And the way to get back to Tombstone, a nice boring cat track, filled with rocks, near the road. I ended up paying for a base weld on the demos (6pak of brew) i was on.
There is talk of The City Busses running to Kimbills Junction, with stops at the canyons.
But i haven't heard of when it will happen.
I always suggest to people to stay in Park City, where the city owned shuttles run every 15 min.
Maybe in 100 years the Canyons will improve. And if so, maybe i would buy a seasons pass there, NOT!!
Again sorry we didn't connect. Maybe next time.<FONT size="1">

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TR and UT49
we get another chance to meet up in Feb. I will be at Alta for a week. I will be staying on the hill so it will be hard to get away to another resort (poor me ). Our dates are Feb 16-24 skiing Saturday-Friday. Maybe we can get together for some turns then.
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Ok, I will get over to Alta for my very first time, while your there. Yes it's true, i have lived here 13 years and have yet to ski the Grandfather of skiing, ALTA.
Drop me an email, and i will give you my home phone.
ftramey@qwest.net<FONT size="1">

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dchan, I did make it over to the Canyons that Wensday, but I don't own a radio and well it was one of those mornings! I wanted to get there by 8:30 didn't make it untill 10:30.Oh well we all have days like that.Glad you enjoyed your time at the Canyons. Your comments on the Canyons were right on the mark.In many ways The Canyons are doing a good job.But were they lacking they lacking big time. They have some great terrain there and that place has some secrets hidden in the trees.some great skiing off of 99 ninty and Murduck peak.They do need to work on some of the people skills of lifties. They need to hire some that are not brain dead. Maybe they need to hire TR to take over lift operations and have them run as well as they do at Deer Valley.As for the Canyons ski school I have heard nothing but good things about it.A Friend of mine runs the mountain host program at the Canyons so I will pass on your commments both good and bad to him.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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I also have to agree, The Canyons has huge potental to be a great resort. But ASC needs to slow down there with all the hotel / condo building.
They need to work on improving guest service and the food they offer.And get rid of the carnvail atmosphere at the base.All those differeant food booths gave me that feeling.
Utah thank you for the compliament by saying they should hire me to run Lift Ops.
But after 13 years at DV, i doubt i could work for another ski resort. I'm used to way DV does things, thier standards, the ones that has made Deer Valley one of the best in North America. No other resort treats thier employees beeter than DV.
I have two awesome dept managers, 4 mtn lift supervisors, who would do a better job than me. It would be one heck of a challenge to change things at the Canyons.
Till then i will still ski there , at least once a year, ,and sit back and watch the show, from up the street.
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on my first day of instruction, Lyle took me up to Ninety Nine Ninety.
When coming down we both got stuck in some chutes that we could not ski or slide out of. we both ended up sliding down sitting and moving our skis forward and backwards to get to first unsnag the toes then the tails. It was pretty funny. Then on Friday some of my buddies wanted to go up there too so Lyle took us all up there on a "Man thing" run.
I had no problems but it was fun to watch them struggle down after all the big talk. They had a good time but decided that was not for them to do on their own.
I'll let you know more about our plans in February and glad my thoughts were not just me.
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Yahoo it's snowing again!
TR I was only was 1/2 kidding about you moving to the Canyons.However I do think they would do good by hiring Deer Valley people and learn to do things the deer Valley way. I know how well Deer Valley treats the staff.It really shows in how well the staff then treats the Guest.
dchan,Your story about sliding down the chut on your butt was to funny!Been There done that.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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