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Any tips for Whiteface/Gore?

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We're heading up to Whiteface/Gore for 4 days midweek the first of March. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on best trails, hidden runs etc. My wife and I pretty much stay on the groomed runs but venture off of them once in a while.We've never been to either place so any tips would be helpful. Thanks! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Whiteface is my home mountain... quite the place to be. Midweek, there will be no lines at all. I believe the whole mountain is open (I'm in college elsewhere, now)...

If you're on the mountain early and like steep groomers, head over to mountain run - It's a great trail (and you'll get to see a few Olympic start-houses), and it'll be wide open with plenty of sun. As the day wears on (though this is less trouble in march), that whole side of Little Whiteface (you'll see what I mean when you get there) goes into shadow, making for some flat light. if the light is flat on little whiteface, you can head up to the summit and ski Paron's Run or the Follies (they're the easier runs from the top), which have spectacular views of the high peaks and have good light late into the day.

other than that, you'll have a chance to ski most of the mountain. Take advantage of the gondola... over 2000 vert in 9 minutes or so; you can get more vertical in at whiteface than anywhere I've ever been to. little whiteface has some of the greatest eastern trails and glades around - steep, some funky fall lines, but all a lot of fun. there's also excelsior, the only blue from the top of the gondola. Midweek, it's a great trail, but on weekends steer clear at all costs...

I have to run, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!
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Oh, I envy you. I haven't been to Whiteface in a few years, but I have fond memories of the place. Cloudspin and Skyward (off of the summit) were home to the Olympic downhills back in 1980. I remember them being really fun trails to ski -- they start off fairly steep, but there's an easier way down from the summit if you don't like what you're looking down.

As for things to "not miss" -- if they're still taking passengers on the bobsled track, you should definitely do it. It's an experience unlike any other, and where else will you ever have the chance to ride a real bobsled?
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