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Any one heard of the Salomon Demo 10 3V Pilot ????

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So I was checking out salomon's Canadian web site when i stumbled upon a new ski catagory of Demo, under which was the Demo 10 3V Pilot. I have never heard of this ski before, is it new?? Anyone have any info other than what the site says. "Super Performed product in small turns : for carved enthusiasts

Features Pilot system"

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Never heard of it but it sounds a lot like a Japanese domestic market brand name. They seem to like having 'Demo' in their ski brand names.
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Yeah i saw it last season on a japanese web site that showed all of this seasons models. It looked like a nice ski. It will be interesting to see if salomon opens up a new series for next season. I do know that they are introducing a ski similar in shape to the Bandit XX that features the pilot system. Their slalom ski for next season is also going to be much wider in the tip. Putting it in a category with most other short sl's that are being marketed now. I plan to find out more, and possibly get on a pair of race stock 3V's while my Elans are being replaced... I'll have to talk to the rep i met this weekend.
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Is it a completely different ski to their euro and us line up? Often the Japanese just rebrand an existing ski for their market.

Heluva, I can't believe you are sticking to Elans after that reverse-cambering incident you had recently. I would be fleeing.
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The ski skis like a million bucks, even when its reverse cambered its heads and tails above any other sl ski i have been on, and i have a pair of race stock SLX T's that i havent been on yet, which may or may not do it. If the replacement pair decambers then ill just keep getting new skis until they get it right. Next time im out on them im going to see how many runs it takes to decamber them. As far as salomon goes, i want to see how their newest race stock 3V's handle. If i like them i may end up on those eventually (providing the reps price is right) - which it should be cuz they dont have a large following in this area. The Demo 3V pilot is a totally different ski from the 3V. It's not a race ski by any means. It's probably more of a ski that would compete with the fischer sceno and the volkl T50*****.
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I haven't seen this ski in Canada. I do know that in the ski industry the Japanese worship their instructor much like Euros do WC racers. A Japanese instructor is refered to as a 'demonstrator' and can sign lucrative endorsement deals with companies like Coke and Toyota. If a ski or boot is marked or branded as demonstrator the sales are almost guaranteed. I remember a store in Whistler that used to have stickers/decals that said demonstrator/World Cup/Limited Edition and they would put them on any model of slow selling boot or ski just to increase sales(sad thing is that it worked)
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