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Utah in early December

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I was thinking of going to Utah the first week of December. Would appreciate any local knowledge as to what to expect that early. Thanks Steve
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We have been going to Utah in the first week in december for
the last few years. Generally speaking there is plenty of snow.

Last year we had our tickets booked for dec 6/7 - but the snow conditions sucked all of dec and jan. We finally ended
up going in feb. But locals claimed that this year was
the worst Dec/jan they have seen in a long time.

we are planning to book again for dec 6/7 this year
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Could be epic. Two years ago we got 100" in 100 hours over Thanksgiving. Could really suck.

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Couldn't be much worse than last year, right? I'm expecting lots of snow. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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