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how long does good skiing last in Colorodo?

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I have never been to colorodo. I can't be spending money on airlines, hotels ect. to find out that it is stinky skiing. How long should I expect there to be decent skiing in Colorodo. I am an intermediate skier from the North East. Thanks,
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The key factor is the weather. Right now with the recent snow, coverage will be good until all the areas close. In normal spring conditions it is usually firm in the early morning, softening as the day progresses then firming as the sun starts to get lower in the sky. Off piste frozen coral and slush can be a real test.

We'll probably get our usual spring storms.

Copper and Breck will close on April 20. I think Keystone is the same time. Loveland will go into early May. A-Basin should make it into June unless we get a really warm spring.

Hope that helps.
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I second what Ski&Golf said.
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A little update as of today, Sunday, March 23.

Warm, a little over 40 degrees in the ski areas, almost 50 in Silverthorne and Frisco. Expecting up to 7 inches of snow over the next 24 hours. Possibility of another big storm later this week.
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I think the skiing in late April and early May is superb at Loveland and A-Basin.

By mid-May it gets a little too soft for me after lunch. The 10:00 to 1:00 period is superb

This year should be very good.
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You have to put it in perspective. mccoll1m is from Derry, NH. So, let's just say that compared to what's available in NH or VT the skiing is FABULOUS.

Sunny days, cool nights. A little hard in the morning (just like typical NH skiing) and softening up to perfect corn and then slushy bumps mid day on is what you can expect.

Splash on the sun screen (SPF 50 in large doses several times a day) and have a ball. You won't be disappointed.

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WVS - I think you have the right idea. Right now the conditions in NE are pretty bad. Anything out west this spring would be a gift. Go for it!
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I think it also depends on whether you're skiing groomers or more off piste. The groomers are going to remain nice just about everywhere until the end of the season. I'd hesitate going to places like Vail, Beaver Creek, and Aspen. The lower altitude will cause them to be a week or two closer to spring than places like Copper, Breck, A Basin, and Loveland. Definitely won't be as bad as last year, but there will still be some dirt showing by mid-April. Plus, with the latest storm it didn't really hit as much west of Summit Co.

Winter Park might be a place to consider. Personally I've never really liked the place, but they did get a phenonmenal amount of snow and it probably doesn't get much better than it is right now.

If you're skiing something besides groomed trails you'll find conditions will vary depending on the exposure and the aspect of the slope. There's going to be everything ranging from boilerplate to nice, soft corn snow.

We usually get a big storm or two in April, so maybe you'll get lucky and have one of those fabulous spring powder days.
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Mid winter conditions in Aspen today. 15 degrees with 16" new in the last two days. They should be set until April 20th close.
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Originally posted by mccoll1m:
How long should I expect there to be decent skiing in Colorodo.
Sorry Mary, but all good skiing in Colorado ended in the early 1980's
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slush bumps... love those slush bumps. Mary, come out to CO and get some April and May slush bumps. You'll see it ain't stinky at all.
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I have a friend who's a beginner (gasp) snowboarder and is looking for a place to go in May. Any recommendations? Is there anything around Loveland and A-Basin (i.e. besides skiing ) ? Maybe I should tell her to go to Mammoth?

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I don't know about good, but I just had the most AWESOME time skiing at Steamboat! POWDER and a beautiful blue skies yesterday. Friendly people too!
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Amazing day at Beaver Creek today- 1/2 foot of fresh dry light powder (on top of nearly 2 feet in the past 2 days), ideal mid-winter conditions, and snowing hard after 3pm. This is in contrast with last Thursday at Vail, when there were 2 cold days following 2 warm ones, resulting in a frozen surface that loosened ones teeth going over the previous days solidified tracks (I assume conditions at Vail today were just like BC- great!). Bottom line- April is unpredictable! We get some fantastic days and some not so great ones.

re: your inquiry about A-Basin and Loveland- they will be open (the basin until the bitter end, loveland until May sometime), but they are ski areas, not destination resorts. Best bets for places to stay with something to do are in Summit Co.- Breckenridge is a nice town, and not very far away (15 minutes or so). Nice coffee houses, bars, bookstores, restaurants, bike paths, etc.
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for mcoll1m : loveland should make it to 1st weekend of may at least+abasin longer than that. i'll put money on keystone thru the last weekend of april w/ the late storms, but keystone gets slushy. as said previously. if youre coming from NE USA, anywhere in CO should be better if you let the sun soften it up a little 1st.

for tog: i'd say loveland for beginning boarders late in the season. take chair #2. it's got some gentle+wide trails that i know i needed when i decided to try snowboarding.
however, i wised up fast. skiers rule !
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