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Where To Honeymoon

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I got married last October in LV and have not had time to go on a proper honeymoon.

My wife and I love skiing and would like to take a skiing honeymoon.

I have two ideas:

1. To stay in the NE area and ski places like Stowe, Jay Peak, and Sugarloaf.

2. Go out West to someplace like Utah where I have never skied or been to.

What are all your thoughts on which one would be more fun?

I know that the snow out West hasn't been that great recently so I was wondering if it was worth all the time and money to fly out there.

Also, should I travel with my new skis? We just got Atomic 11.10s and 11.20s and neither one of us have skied in real powder.


BTW we ski every weekend and are probably level 6-7 skiers.
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Probably depends on your budget - if I was in your situation I'd come to Utah and stay in someplace like the Peruvian or the Cliff Lodge. Totally different atmospheres but both are great in their own way. If you come to Utah, I'd bring your normal skis, but plan to demo fat skis if snow conditions warrant it.
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Whistler would be a good choice.
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If you're looking for romance and some skiing, Sundance fits the bill.
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I would go with Altagirl.... I mean her suggestion.
But obviously, there are many great places. Lake Louise is a great place to remember as a honeymoon.
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THE place in the interior western U.S. with the kind of atmosphere you are asking about is the Aspen group. If you haven't skied there, you will be in for a real treat, and it is also one of the prettiest areas in the U.S.. I would reccomend you look into staying at Aspen Highlands. It is a bit more secluded, and the village is brand new. You would be within 5 minutes of Aspen proper, and your lift ticket would be good at all four ski areas all day long. Take a look at it. I don't think you will find the prices any higher than any other nice places in the country, and it will be something that will feel very special! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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