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I skied Friday and Saturday at Blackcomb and it was a mixed bag. Definitely nice to get back on the snow, though. The T-bars, Glacier, Jersey Cream, and Catskinner chairs were really the only skiable chairs--others really only open for uploading/downloading. 7th Heaven was open Saturday afternoon, but I didn't ski it since the lift line was very long.

There were lots of people there. Obviously many drove up from Vancouver and Seattle, but there were definitely others from farther afield. Parking lots were full on Saturday. The skiing was a mixed bag. Rocks could generally be avoided (though I was happy I brought my rock skis), but crowds were a little more difficult to avoid. Probably the most annoying thing was the need to download on a total of TWO lifts at the end of the day (Solar Coaster and Wizard to Blackcomb base or Excelerator and the Gondola to Whistler village). This definitely made me realize the appeal of cable cars going from base to summit!

Didn't ski Whistler at all because operations there were even more limited, but I hear Harmony was possibly opening--which would give A LOT more terrain.

No new snow in the last couple days, but at least temps have been low. If they can avoid another round of high freezing levels things should be looking good in a couple weeks with a little help from Mother Nature.

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Skied Blackcomb on Thursday and the conditions were not bad, nice hardpack and not alot of ice although by the end of the day it was getting rather nasty in soem patches.

Best day was skiing Whistler on Saturday...yes they opened Harmony chair which was reasonably untracked and just damn wicked FUN Met a really nice local on the chair who showed us some sweet fresh untracked runs around the back. NICE. I just love meeting friendly folks on the mtn.

being at work today sucks .... I need a holiday
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Thursday on Whistler was pretty boring. I think only Emerald and Franz's were running.

Blackcomb on Friday was awesome. There were long lines on Glacier Express, but they moved quickly enough. The top was nice and soft, although the bottom appproaching the lift was icy and full of rocks.

Went back to Whistler again on Sat because Harmony was opened. Had nice runs there.

Sunday's six hours wait at the border was terrible. Got home at 1 am. Skipped class today because I'm too tired.

Now, just waiting for Stevens to open.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Sunday's six hours wait at the border was terrible. [/QB]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Seriously? That's the primary reason I left Saturday. The wait at the truck crossing at about 7:00 p.m. was one hour.
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yup, 6 hours at the main border crossing, was there from 4pm-10pm. Many people were out of their cars taking their dogs for a walk. They were inspecting almost every vehicle (including mine). My friend went to the truck crossing, and spend 4 hours there, so he got home 2 hours earlier than me.

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