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Rental skis for Big Sky Resort

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I am an advanced skier heading out to Big Sky at the end of the month. I'll bring my boots but I need to rent skis and poles. I have 2 questions: Where would be a good place to rent the stuff(hopefully with a good selection), and since I plan on staying at the resort, would a pair of mid-fats be my best choice?
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If you're up at the resort you have two choices to rent from, Big Sky Sports (406-995-5840) and Lone Mountain Sports (406-995-4471). Both have a good upper end mid-fat rentals & give discounts for multi-day rentals. As for skis to rent, definitely go with a midfat. If you are sticking mainly on groomers get something around a 70mm waist. If you are planning to mix groomers & off-piste get something with at least a 74mm waist. If you are planning to mainly ski off piste get something even wider.

One option you might want to consider for a day or two is paying the extra amount for demoing and trying multiple skis and ski lengths. Both shops have a good selection of this years top of the line skis.
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