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Atomic Beta-Race SX11 Supercross??

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Has anybody demoes this new model yet? I currently ski Beta Ride 9.22's and I am looking for more of a GS type ski to add to my quiver. Ski has been highly recommended as being complimentary to my 9.22's. I hope to demo after the first of the year.
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I rode it last week and loved it. I was on a 170 and I weigh about 185 and am 6'4". Super stable in long and short radius turns, GS stiffness in SL dimensions, quick edge to edge, tons of energy when unloading it. Would like to try the 180 for kicks.
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Hugely fun ski. Tons of snap and life like a slalom and GS stability. I'm 5'10" and 180 and skied the 180 and loved it. Thinking I should have got it instead of the 9.21
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I have been on them for the past few days and they kick ass. I am not a racer but they rock on the hardpack and them seem to be a good all mountain ski. Skied them every where from groomers to pow and am very glad I bought them. Overall they are a little narrow for deep pow but they blast through crud and carve like no other on the groomers. They are great at small and medium radius turns while still having the ability for long radius turns. I am 6 foot and near 200lbs so I bought the 180 and have no regrets.
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Bought a pair of SX11's 170. I'm 5'10 145lbs, ski 100+ days a year, live in CO, ski anything, and so does this ski. I work in the industry. I Used it at Vail on Thursday with 9" new snow: skied all conditions like a dream, bumps, trees, broken snow and wind rolls.They carve up groomed runs like you wouldn't believe. FYI: my other skies are Atomic 9.16 @ 160 and Salomon 9’s in 177.
Because of all the hype I tried the P50's from Vokl, they were good, but not as responsive as the SX11's.
Hope this helps
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Your responses make me want to go out and demo this ski. I will try to do so next week. I am 5'9" and 180 lbs. I will try the 170's first. Depending upon how they ski I can then determine if I need to go up to the 180's. I primarily ski in the east so a good ice carver with crud busting ability is what I am looking for. I have my 9.22's for the powder, if an when, we get dumped. I love the 9.22's in the trees because of their lightness, but they let me down a little on the ice. I am curious to hear any more responses about the supercross in the trees. Again, envy to those of you out there ripping it up today.
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Tremblant had their 'demo' day this weekend so I tried the SX11's (170), along with the Head IC200 (170 and 177), Elan Integra 12 (177), Elan HCX (162), and a Dynastar GS race ski (184) (not sure of the model).

Conditions were hardpack, especially so on Saturday, as it rained all Friday, then froze. By today (Sunday) the groomers had done a pretty good job of making everything skiable.

I usually did two/four runs per ski, then changed. I think I got some feel for the skis, but I adapt pretty quickly, so after a few runs whatever ski I was on then was my favourite.

I did like the SX11's, stable, great carver, and fun to ski on. They will probably be my next ski. The only thing that may interfere is the Elan HCX's. They are one of their Hypercarve skis, and a load of fun. I was rocketing around the mountain today, and it felt like I was on roller blades with them. I'm not sure about versatility, but carving was great. Given the limited choice when skiing out East I may just get a ski to have fun on.

The Elan Integra 12 impressed me as well. I skied it Saturday, near the end of the day when the slopes had progressed to real eastern hardpack. They felt incredibly damp, and held an edge that gave me utter confidence. I just rolled them over and they went, no argument. I'm surprised that they aren't more popular.

I didn't like the Head IC200's as much as the other skis. Not sure why. I didn't like the 170's at all, the 177's were a lot better. Probably something to do with me.

I was skiing with friends, all of them on various race gs or slalom skis, and their only comment was I seemed to be turning more. but going as fast as usual.

Going back to my 188 Volkl G31's was a bit of a change. I still like them, just wish I could have all the skis at once. Just choose the right one for each day.
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Terriffic ski. I bought the 180 to use as my all-around ski this year. Have ridden them on three powder days so far at Vail, in bumps, trees, windpack, etc. They are quick, stable, and powerful. Make sure you demo them.
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Would love to hear more detailed comparison between Atomic SX11's and Volkl T50 Supersport 5-Stars!
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I too wondered about the Voikl Supersport vs. the Atomic Supercross. I was going to demo both, but the pros at my ski shop (I have relied upon them for many years) who have skied both, advised me not to even consider the Supersport. I will report back on the Supercross after I demo them in the New Year. My 9.22's are in the shop being stone ground and re-beveled. I will bring them and ride them when I demo the Supercross in order to make on slope comparisons with the Supercross. Happy NY on the slopes to all.
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