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Wolf Creek

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Never been to Wolf Creek before (been to Winter Park and Copper).

Going to Wolf Creek last week of March, how are snow conditions and lift lines for this time of year? Also, if I like it I could return in November, how are conditions then and how much base is typically needed at WC to cover all the rocks?

Any body out there who can help me with these questions I'd appreciate it.

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The second week of March should be the peak Spring Break week. By the third week it should slow down. By the fourth week there should be minimal to no lines.

A storm is expected this weekend. Currently it is predicted to carry significant snow fall. Most runs are rock free with the exception lower mountain black bumps.

Wolf Creek normally opens in late October/early November with 3-5 feet of snow. With five feet the whole mountain will open with almost no rock problems with the exception of knife ridge. If there is only three feet all blow and green runs are fully covered. MOst black runs are too.
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Email Todd M...he is the Wolf Creek expert! I have never had a bad day there!
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I believe Tom Burch is currently teaching there?
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I was at Wolf Creek for 12 years, but am not there anymore - but Tom is, so he's the man to fill you in.

But in short, the conditions there are unparalleled in the rest of CO - pretty much all the time.
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