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Baggage goons and tow ropes

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Greetings from a new member. I'd like to ask some of the experienced air travelers about how you transport skis. I have a pretty nice bag from Sierra Sports, it's pretty well padded, not just a sleeve, but the bindings are kinda straining the edges and I'm worried about 'em gettin' banged around. They're Salomon 810's w. the oversized toe piece so it's a bit bulkier than a standard binding. What are you guys using and how has your gear fared?

On a separate note, does anyone have or know of plans for a simple tow rope set up for personal use? I have some upstate NY property with a nice open field on a good slope that gets a good amount of snow from Dec. on.

Thanks in advance!
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Welcome Xdog,
The bag/box debate raises it's ugly head here regularly. I use a box, that get's around the worries of damaging the skis, but with a good bag you should be OK, just don't fly in to Vancouver, cause I've seen how they handle them there.

As for opening up your own ski resort (oops, I mean "putting in a rope"), you will increase the number of friends you have here greatly once it is in. You might even get a few people to chip in towards one. Unfortunately, NY is a bit too far for me to call in for an evening's skiing.

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Here's what one guy's doing:
home ski area

Check out the home page, too--he's also into home snow-making. Wild.
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