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What should I pack?

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Going to Heavenly for the first time this weekend... Can anyone tell me what the weather is like there right now? Warm weather clothes for off-slope? Sweaters at night? What is the dress at most of the nightspots? Thanks....
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whatever you bring for warm weather, make sure you have a set of ski/off slope clothing for full on blizzard conditions. It could be snowing like hell when you get there.
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Hi Snowman,

Welcome to Epicski,

Heavenly should be great this weekend. Weather predictions for Friday are chance of showers (a warm storm so it might rain on the slopes) but a light storm and it should be gone by Saturday but you know how accurate weather predictions can be.

My suggestion, if you can, go in on the Nevada side. It's usually less crowded and there is great terrain on the Nevada side.

Apres ski, most locations allow for casual attire. If you are in Friday night, and don't mind spending a little extra money, The Forest room at the top of Harrah's (buffee) has a great seafood buffet. It's pricey but I think worth it. Pace yourself on eating. And if you don't want to wait in line, get there early. (4:30 -5:00) so you are there when they open. They do not take reservations.

Have a great time.
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Oh yeah, what to pack..

Several thin layers and a water proof wind breaker of some sort would be best. If it like normal sierra spring, it will be chilly in the early morning and just get warmer and warmer all day. then around 2:30-3:00 ish the shadows start to form and the wind starts to pick up and it gets chilly by 3:30-4:00 so being able to adjust throughout the day is helpful. Then for night times, casual wear is probably fine.

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SPF 30 or higher water proof sunblock and a pair of dark googles or sun glasses. The sun can be extremely intense this time of year.
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Any thoughts on what to bring for the night climate? Light sweaters? Heavy sweaters? What's the dress at the casinos & bars? Thanks in advance...
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Don't forget the camera! The views from Heavenly are memorable. Maybe the best lakeview anywhere.

Be sure to ski between all the trails at Heavenly. The snow in the woods is less mushy during the spring and the trees are well spaced apart. Don't miss the Skiways trees on the CA side in the am before the sun bakes the snow.

I agree about the restaurant at Harrah's, it's excellent.
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sweaters or fleece and wind breakers will probably be fine. Maybe a pair of fleece gloves.

It's been only in the mid 30's until real late and the distance from parking lot to casino is really pretty short.
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