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Help me pick my next big group trip.. where do we go?

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Hey everyone. I was hoping you could help me decide where to go. Here is some info,

When: The yearly trip will probably be the first week of March.

Where coming from; Most of the people going are from the east coast, with a couple from the midwest, and potentially a couple from San Fran. We will probably have a total of 12 or so. Accessability might be an issue since we might have some people only going for a few days.

Skill Levels; All, varied. About a third of the group is advanced/expert, about a third is int/advanced, and about a third is very much intermediate. We would love to find a place where it's easy to go do the advanced stuff for a few runs, then come and join up with the others. Most, if not all, are skiers. We might have 1-2 boarders, but that is not sure yet.

Other activities; A must. Some of the wives don't love skiing as much as the guys do, so other things to do here and there are definitely necessary.

And of course.. there is value. I say value because we like nice places to stay and a nice dinner here and there.. but also like to save money if possible.

The places that came to mind so far were:
- Aspen (lots to do, but expensive, is it easy to get there?)
- Vail (same as above)
- Whistler (long way to travel for the east coasters)
- Utah (we were thinking Alta/Snowbird but I am not sure if there is other things to do, and not sure about terrain for the intermediates)

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I would recommend whistler (great exchange rate great village) and Utah but not Alta/bird if you need other than ski activities. Parkcity, deer valley, Canyons.
If you stay at the base of the canyons you can get pretty cheap condos. and have walk in access to the canyons. or shuttle service to park city/deer valley.

The one thing I found very appealing about the canyons is except for one lift "advanced only" lift and one "beginner/intermediate" lift all the rest of the lifts served easy groomers all the way to black diamond terrain so the group can almost all stay together and just keep meeting at the bottom. So far I this is one of the few locations I found that have this type of terrain. the con to the canyons is moving around the mountain is a chore.

Shuttles to the Park city proper are almost all pay/cabs/vans but their service is reasonably priced and pretty fast.
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If you do CO vail or aspen, I would not count on getting into aspen airport. I would book the flight and have a backup plan. My dad was scheduled to fly through denver international and into aspen. on the trip out the airport was closed. He had hang out at the airport (denver) for several hours. On his return flight he ended up having to drive to grand junction (aspen airport closed with no eta of opening) and catching a flight to denver then to utah to catch up with us. His skis didn't make it to the condo until 3:00 AM the next morning. He probably could have driven to park city in the time it took him to get to denver, wait for a connecting flight.
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I've flown to Whistler twice from the Southeast and it is a b***h of a day. If you don't mind the travel, great trip for diverse group. Great for a group of varied levels, and plenty to do for the non/little skiers. For a value in Whistler, look at the Carlton Lodge unless you're looking for one house to fit all 12. I do recommend the Utah idea as well. You can stay out of the canyons and drive to where ever you want for the day. And as said, if you must stay at the mtns, you'll have more choices in Park City than you will in Alta/bird. More nightlife and and more for the non skiers. Vail isn't bad, but I would suggest those first 2 choices over any CO destination. Just my $.02
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also had to fly into Grand Junction to get to Aspen, and one should not be too surprised, as DCHAN said, if this happens. B***h of an airport to get in and out of sometimes.

I believe the shuttle (in 98) from Grand Junction was $40.<FONT size="1">

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Whistler will probably give you the most bang for your buck. Great exchange rate, lots of things for the non-skiers to do, shopping, very good restaurants etc. Lots of variety on the slopes for all of the skiers.

Access is a a bit of a drawback. You will want to fly into Vancouver, not Seattle. This is easy from San Fran (non-stop direct), east coasters will probably need at least one change of planes. Denver is far better for connections than Toronto, plus you will then be able to do all of your customs and immigration stuff at the end/start of the trip, not in the middle.

One last happy thought: you can claim back the fed. tax on purchases so in essence everything you buy becomes (sort of) duty free.


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This just an up date on Public transportation around Park City.Park City public Trans will serve the Canyons This comeing ski season. So there is now a free bus service to all the Park City area ski Mountains.Also look for some good deals on lodging and lift tickets this season according to ski Utah they expect a 30% reduction is skier visits due to everyone thinking Utah will be to crowded becuse of the Olympics

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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