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Whistler lodging - need advice!

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I'd be interested to hear from folks who've stayed at Whistler where the best places to stay are, either from a value standpoint or from a sheer quality standpoint. It needs to be a short walk to the gondola, so I'm basically looking at the village, I guess.

I've never been there, so any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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depends on what your looking for...ie place to crash after partying all night? cosy cabin like place with a cool hot tub? somewhere for the kids to be entertained?

give us more info...


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It's for a buddy of mine and me, and mostly we ski hard all day, have a few beers, soak in a hot tub, eat a great meal, and hit the hay. So, I want to avoid a place that's a step up from a college dorm, but I don't need a place that caters to families, either.

Just a place that will be quiet, with good food, a hot tub and/or pool on the property, would probably do. I'm not low-budget, but I don't want to spend a fortune. Can I get a place like this for $200 US/night?
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try www.whistlerblackcomb.com, and also take a look at the suggestions in my forum "Whistler or Quebec?"
Some people suggested renting a place directly from the owners and gave links to those sites. Depending on when you go and if you book early, you should be able to get a place for that price. Good luck!
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RE: whistlerblackcomb.com - I have looked there and was looking for some more unvarnished assessment of any place that's particularly good/bad to stay at.

RE: your thread, that was more directed to condos, and I'm more interested in hotels/lodges b/c I'm not going to be there a whole week and it's just two people, so I figured that wouldn't be a viable option.
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try www.alluradirect.com to book directly with owners its a lot cheaper in my expereince. if your not walking distance from the gondolas its no worries as the shuttle service is pretty good, always managed to get me home after a few too many apres brews.

depending on when your going there are some good accom/ski pass deals on www.whistler-blackcomb
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You might want to check out the Pan Pacific.
Web Site
You can't get any closer to the Blackcomb gondola, and you're probably 100 yards from the Whistler gondola. I haven't stayed there, but it looks nice. Definitely on the high end of accomodations. The Dubh Linn Gate pub downstairs might offer extra reason for staying there! If you get a room facing the mountain the views should be spectacular.

Renting a condo, as others have mentioned, is also definitely worth considering.
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I have stayed at the Delta Whistler Hotel. It's right next the the Whistler gondola. Nice and quiet, plus they serve good breakfast in the morning.

Another place I have stayed at is the Marriot Residence Inn. This is slopeside, but I went during early season, so I still had to take the shuttle to the gondola. Personally, I prefer the Delta Whistler Hotel.

I'll also be at Whistler this Thanksgiving, and I'll be staying at the Blackcomb Lodge. I think it's probably best just to call up Whistler Central Reservations and ask them to recommend you some options based on your budget. You can also check out www.tourismwhistler.com


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For something relatively cheap, and right in the central part of the main village, I like the Executive Inn. Really quite a good value. It's about 1 minute from the lifts. Location is perfect if you want to be right in the middle of everything. Probably the best value right in the central village near liftside.

And the people there were quite decent about refunding a "no refund" deposit last winter due to a death in the family. (wish I could say the same for the heartless b****rds at Air Canada.) I made a point of staying there when I went up there for a couple of days last summer, and personally thanked the manager.

I'd definitely stay there again. For a "budget" hotel it was a great loft room, huge deep jacuzzi. Plus they've got a great chocolates shop right in the lobby :

I've also stayed at the Whistler Cascade Lodge, which is right on Northwinds Ave, across the way from the Delta Whistler Suites. Not in the older central village, but in the closest part of the "North Village". About a 10-minute schlep to the lifts. I stayed there in the 98-99 season, the first year they opened. They were pretty affordable then for a "luxury condo hotel" but the last two seasons they've gone up in price. Not bad if you can get a deal though.

Whistler's own central reservations at www.whistlerblackcomb.com has always given me good deals and have been very helpful.

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