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Ski Area Friendliness!!!!

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Here is your chance to speak up for the places you like and dislike, for whatever reasons. The postings here will go into a poll similar to the Best runs in North America poll.

1. What is the friendliest ski area you have skied at?

2. What is the most unfriendly ski area you have skied at?

To make it manageable we will define a ski area as having at least 4 lifts and covering an area greater than 150 acres. ...If there are a lot of responses, there will probably have to be size categories in the polling, as well as partitioning by continent.

Try to be honest!!!!
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1. Bridger Bowl most of the time.

2. Bridger Bowl on powder days. The transformation is startling.
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Gosh friendliest, thankfully is tough. Most are, but would give a nod to Ski Cooper and/or Steamboat.

Unfriendly goes to Breckenridge, where a lifty actually shoved me when I did not move fast enough. The few times I have been there the staff overall seemed snotty.

Feal, I hope you meant the resorts themselves not the ppl visiting?

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Yes Kima, I was referring to the feel that you get at the resort. The service, the food, the facilities, etc. ...Just that feeling of whether or not you are a really welcomed visitor.

For my responses the two extremes occur in the humble skiing state of New Mexico!!

1. The friendliest ski area I have ever visited was Pajarito. It felt more like going to a college reunion than a visit to a ski area. They run their ski area the way ski executives dream about running them!!

2. The most unfriendly ski area I have ever visited was Ski Apache. I just got the feeling that I was not welcome, and I was putting the staff out by just being there. I definitely concluded that they just wanted the money I had to spend, and then I could LEAVE!!
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Most Friendly: Wolf Creek, Colorado. I could be well-biased because I eventually became the SS Director there. BUT I stuck around long enough to become such *because* of four things:

1) Snow

2) Crowds (lack of)

3) Terrain

4) Friendliness/Relaxation

I had worked at other ski areas, and skied all over the world. I picked WC because of these things.

At a ski area where there is great terrain with no crowds and epic snow, and good pay -- the workers are all of COURSE more friendly!

You can buy false friendliness with lots of money, and you might see such at many major resorts. But the fact is, for "hello's" that are legitimate, not bought, you have to be at a place where the employee's are actually happy! And in spite of the owners of Wolf Creek, the workers are very happy - because its a hell of a great place to be!
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Mt. Baldy has the most almost-civilized parolees in the county working their chairs. I wouldn't get my concealable weapons anywhere else. I think "grunt" must mean "Hello, have a lovely day on the mountain."
Deer Valley runs a distant second.
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Around the mid-Atlantic:

Most friendly - Ski Denton, a fly-speck of a hill, truly in Middle-Of-Nowhere, PA.

Most like '60's and '70's skiing - Ski Denton (again)

Most completely out-of-it teenaged lift attendants - Ski Liberty, PA

Most wild, uncontrolled, cursing, pot-smoking (but not particularly aggressive or offensive) teenagers - Ski Liberty, PA

Most intentionally aggressive skiers (eg, buzzing beginners, etc.) - Whitetail, PA

Place where I most feel like another package on a conveyor belt (ie, neither friendly or overtly unfriendly) - Killington

Most overtly UN-friendly - Hunter Mtn, NYS

(OK, the last two are not quite mid-Atlantic, but they deserved inclusion on merit alone).

Tom / PM

PS (in edit) - just saw the requirement for > 4 lifts and 150 acres. I'm pretty sure Denton meets both requirements, but just barely.

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All the ski areas in Maine employ fun, down to earth, friendly people. Sugarloaf in Carrabassett Valley is noted for the quality of their employees. It comes naturally to them.
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For the most friendly i would have to steamboat springs in colorado, their staff is excellent from the lift ops to the child care center. They always have a smile on their face and are available to answer any question no matter how trivial. For least friendly I would have to say either Jiminy Peak or Killington. Killington is somewhat understandable, its huge so you if the staff can come off as impersonal, but Jiminy Peak is just ridiculous. All Brian Fairbank cares about is packing the parking lot full of cars and slashing services. You cannot ski the mountain on weekends with all the people on the trails, but yet they keep on building condos. The service at the Country Inn is horrible, and the founders grill is way overpriced for the quality of food and atmosphere. Then there's the "2-5-7" pass that was hyped as the opertunity to ski two mountains, until they closed Brodie.
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Friendly: Eldora, Ski Cooper, Loveland, Copper
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Fast,Fair and Friendly

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Wow, I skiied Brodie last year just to see what it would be like to go back to the old hill. It was a great atmosphere when the Kelly's owned the place and not much had chaanged. A great pace to take kids, IMHO. I hope it comes back. We always drove past Juminy because we hate the crowds.

Funny though, we ski Killington all thhe time now. Not for the friendliness, though. We do stay at some local B&B's that really give a great feel to the experience, though. The key at the K is to get away from where you see cars and you will have a great day. All of the newbies ski the lifts by the lots, with their outfits that maytch their skiis!

Pico is a great place compared to the K.

Okemo has a good atmosphere compared to Mt. Snow.

Bromley vs. Stratton.

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Any place that has alot of Australians (and Kiwi's) employed is going to be friendly.
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Deer Valley may have the best trained staff in The Country. Friendly service there is a given. People have been fired for being rude. Now on the Other Hand some of Deer Valleys guest can be a tad rude. Rude not just to the staff but toward other skiers. Some of The Personality type A's, That are Captains of Industy Think that the rest of the world is there to take orders from them. Then again they do like to bring thier trophy (24 year old former miss oct 2000) Wives with them and that does add something to the Deer Valley experience.
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