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Jackson: ski tuning and repair

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Anybody recommend a good shop for tuning and repair in Jackson?
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TVS or Wildernest
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Are you in Jackson now? How are the Iggys. I hope you are eating some pow.


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nah, in Philly up to my neck in new files.
JH for New Years though; and have a core shot on the Volkls to get fixed.
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If it is an epoxy repair, then probably be an overnighter. TVS has a hotbox most likely Wildernest does too. Hoback in town is a good shop, also. Probably depends on what you want to rent while the patient is recovering.
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As an ex-employee of Wildernest I would probably not go there. If Guv is still at Pepi's that is a good bet, but TVS is definitely solid as well. Wildernest doesn't have a hot box either.

enjoy, I have missed it since leaving!
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