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When I moved here this year, the dog and I drove out in my truck (well, I drove, she navigated), about 1900 miles from Upstate NY. Three weeks later, I made the same drive, sans dog, with the rest of my stuff in tow. Nothin' like a good road trip!
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Originally Posted by Latchigo
I'm a bit confused. I know the car is king in the US - but the speed limits seem to be fairly tight in many places. I know some states have no restrictions. On a German autobahn people tend to go as fast as the car will allow. In the rest of Europe people are often aggressive drivers who cannot wait to overtake and will stick close behind you.
How do Americans drive long distances, in a reasonable time, if they stick to the speed limits ?
Um, we don't . Radar/laser detectors, good sense, and a bit of luck will go a long way to preventing tickets...

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Me and a friend drove form southern Sweden to Spain a few years ago. Think it was about 2600 kms. We were towing a trailer with four Laser-dinghies and had one ontop of the car... Took us about 36h.
Another member of the Swedish team made it in about 19 hours, driving solo, pretty much flat out, with his sponsors Volvo...

As for skiing trips, I know it's not really a roatrip, but....
Fairbanks- Seattle(layover)-Washington, DC-Munich-Stockholm, Sweden
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31 hours - Durham, NC to SLC
31 hours - Snowmass, CO to Raleigh, NC
21 hours - Raleigh, NC to Denver
14 hours - Breck to SLC and back to Breck. My car had broken down in SLC, so they gave me a rental. I had to go meet a friend in Silverton, but the car was not fixed when we were done skiing. I went on to Breck as I had already paid for my lodging there. Subaru called the next day to inform me my car was ready, and they would no longer be paying for the rental. I left at 2pm in a howling blizzard and made it to SLC at 8:30pm. Upon calling back to breck and find they were expecting 2 feet of snow and SLC was nto getting any, I drove the 6.5 hours back to breck. I got in at 4am to a snoring roommate and slept ont he couch in the common area of the fireside inn. Woke up at 8 and went skiing.
- Coutless 12+ hour trips to Vermont.
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Originally Posted by Gnarlito
Not my longest, but maybe my strangest.

In 1971, drove from Dallas to Taos in my first car, a 66 VW Beetle. Somewhere near Mora, NM, the car started spontaneously popping out of 4th gear into neutral, and I ended up holding the gearshift in place for about 80 miles through the mountains between Penasco and Taos.

It was a Sunday, and when I got into Taos, I stopped at the only gas station that looked open. A scratchy Jimi Hendrix LP, Band of Gypsies, was playing in the backgound. The owner was a "head", as we used to say, but he absolutely would not work on Sunday. So I had to leave the car there. The garage was on the way out of town towards the ski valley, so I hitchhiked the rest of the way up to the ski area.

My first and only ride was in a beat-up old pickup driven by a hispanic guy about 10 years older than me. He was a Taos native, very proud of his home town and a very good story teller. About halfway up the road along the upper Rio Hondo, which was still gravel at the time, he asked me if I wanted to get high. I mean, does the Pope sh*t in the woods?!? I was 19, of course I did! So he fired up a joint. During a lull in the conversation, I asked him what he did. "I'm the deputy sheriff of Taos County," he said with a sly grin. I knew then that I wasn't in Texas anymore.
Best of show!!! I've made that drive in a blizzard, and it was no fun. (But I never had a deputy sheriff offer me a toke - but, taos county is a strange place).
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i drove across the country and back with a friend of mine in 13-14 days in 2001. we started in new jersey and made it to just outside kansas city the first night. woke up, and got into boulder, co in time to walk to dinner. slept the night and drove to arches nat'l park, and slept somewhere just outside moab (this is when i wish my partner had a mtn bike!)...

from arches we drove through utah, past the grand canyon and stayed in vegas for the night. after waking up way too late, we drove from vegas, through yosemite, and spent the night in sequoia nat'l park. the next day was sequioa to portland, via the coast. from portland, we hit glacier, and drove that for a bit, did some short day hikes, and had awesome meatloaf in libby, montana... the next day we had "air out the car" drills...

from libby, we went down to yellowstone, stayed the night... and from yellowstone we got out to wall, south dakota... saw mt rushmore for a few minutes, then to chicago, then to home.

a nice long trip. i think we put something like 8600 miles on the car - i dont remember. it was a "sampler tour".

as far as skiing road trips... from central new jersey to vt, and back just for the day to ski some fresh snow while playing hooky from work. about 4.5 - 5 hours there and same on the return. great to do during the week... no one around, and an easy drive if i get out of new jersey/nyc area before 6am.
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Drove all around the country when I was 23. Took 6 weeks saw everything! Started in Boston 30 something hours later we're in oklahoma. Culture shock! It was awesome! That trip was the highlight of my life thus far!
Most beautiful state: Utah
Most fun city: Vegas, Vancouver
Felt like I was standing next to God: Montana, new mexico at night
Best party: Vancouver and Yellowstone with 30 other people doing the same dam thing!
Best feeling: Showering after 5+ days of wet naps and goldbond!
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I did a 2 month road trip around the top left hand corner of the US and bottom left hand corner of Canada in 97.
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How about London to Bangkok, it took us 6 months in 1980 in a Citroen Deux Cheveux !
Route. This trek was done Communist times
UK,The Netherlands, West Germany,East Germany Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan,Pakistan,India.Bangladesh,Burma,Thaila nd .
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Stanton wins! wow, what a trip, and an utter adventure in 1980, wow. That's incredible.
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Originally Posted by ski=free
Drove all around the country when I was 23. Took 6 weeks saw everything!!
Knew a guy in the service who took a year off between HS and Navy and traveled, he never finished with Texas!!
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In 94 after working at Big White for the season, then Banff for a few months, my girlfriend (now wife) & I drove around North America in an Oldsmobile Delta 88 (I always remember the car).

From what I remember our route was:
Banff-Yellowstone-Mt Rushmore-Chicago-Toronto-Montreal-New York City-Washington-Orlando-New Orleans-Houston-El Paso-Phoenix-LA-San Diego-Las Vegas-San Fran-Portland-Seatle-Victoria-Vancouver
I think we did 19000 miles in 6 weeks. Bit of a drive.

A few weeks ago we did 2700km (about 1700 miles) in a week driving to northern New South Wales & back to Melbourne, with our 1 year old son. Our drive home was over 1000km in one day, from north of Sydney to Melbourne. Left at 3am while the little boy slept that morning. Krispy Kreme donuts in Sydney at 5am.

Love the road trip.
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