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Base beveler - need opinions !!

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I am looking for a base beveler. Does anyone have any opinions on which work, which don't? I have been looking at the SVST Final cut, but at $70 the tool better work. Are there any alternatives?? I am looking for something to do a 1 degree base bevel; I don't need adjustability. Has anyone used the file sleeves??

Thanks for your help.
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I have had good experience with the BEAST. You can find this on the internet at "the-raceplace.com". I have also used the sleeves. With the large sidecut skis, the sleeve will give you a changing bevel from tip to tail as the sleeve follows the opposite edge and the distance to the cutting edge will change. The result is a larger bevel underfoot, which is opposite of what you want, if you in fact want an variable bevel. Other options are to wrap tape around a file and make sure it stays the constant distance from the edge you are working on. Really not the best, I would get myself a tool.
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I have BEAST tools for both base and side bevels. Used them for over two years now and never had a reason to look for something else. You can use them not only with files but with diamond stones as well.


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I have both Beast and SVST tools, and I always grab the SVST stuff. It costs more, but the quality is excellent. The problems I have had with the Beast mainly come from the flexability of the plastic body. One of the kids on my ski team managed to use a Beast backwards, and we had to gind his skis pretty severely to get them back. If you tune weekly, go for the SVST stuff. If you tune monthly, use the Beast.
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Errr ummmm, how about

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svst tools can be found at their site. www.race-werks.com.while there check out their race service wax line,the zf2 is the best universal wax i have used.
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The SVST Final Cut is a good tool, but if you live in a hard snow or ice region you might opt for their .7 degree. Then if you decide you want more base bevel, lay a piece of tape across the bevel bar. Beast is a good tool as well and they changed the design to make it easier to grip a file or other cutting tool at the edge.
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I have been using the DMT multi tuner for both base and side bevels. Compact tool which comes with a 1" x 3" diamond stone, and accepts the Toko mini file for brainless tuning. Set the side angle and go, and then set the base angle to do that.

I got mine at Vancouver Ski Services.
http://www.dmtsharp.com/products/detail.php3?use=21 <FONT size="1">

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I've been using the Ski Visions Ski-Sharp.
I don't recommend it. The tiny little file pieces that you have to use with it load up after one pass and quit cutting. You have to constantly clean the files with a small brass brush.

I ordered the Beast and Side Beast this week. Should be here tomorrow.
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I just bought a FK Deluxe tune kit. It contains a Multi Tuner from 1-5 deg. in 1/2 increment, metal scrapper, flexi scrapper, deburr stone, gummi stone, brake retainer and file brush. I'll try them out this weekend on one of old pair of skis
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Like Arby I've been using the Ski-Sharp. I don't mind it loading up too much but after the initial filing I like to go over my edges with a quick touch with the stones and they sure seem to wear down in a hurry. It'll do for now. The SVST sounds like everyone likes it so I'd like to hear some more opinions on it.
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I use the BEAST base and "pro" side bevels. They are accurate and easy to use.
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The Best file that i've run across is the "FSKS Tungsten Carbide file". It is either 2 or 4 file "inserts" glued to a plastic plate that is either 70mm or 100mm, depending on the model. Evidently the 70mm fit in many tuning tools such as the FK Multi-tuner. This "file" cuts clean and thoroughly. I suspect that it could cut through rock dings, but I would still prep dings with stones, since this series of files ain't cheap. The 2 insert models go for $30, the 4 insert for $50. The way they are configured, one couldn't use them with the SVST or Beast base bevel guides, only with Side bevel guides. With Winning Edge, SVST or any other side angle guides you might have to reverse the tool and use the solid side under the file, because the file might not span the waste "cutout". Since they are costly, don't ever space out and drag them backwards along the work. If you have that bad habit and don't realize that you dull files and edge by dragging, get rid of the habit! Looking at the edges after using this file ( with my home model electron microscope) the edge is smoother than any other file i've seen. For eastern ice, a light stoning for burroisty? might be all that is necessary for finish edge. Artech is the only catalog i've seen them listed, they are items 304-307. You rep types could probably figure out the distributor in a state WI. For an idea of what they look like try looking at Reliable Racing's picture of FK Swing cut combi w/Tungsten file pg. 74 (on paper(.
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The final cut from svst is nice.
However, check it before you go and use it. I ordered one from svst last year with a true bar and a scraper and the order was a disaster. First the base guide's plate where the file rests was way off. I mean with your eye you could see it wasn't even close to flat, it was wavy. I measured it with a caliper and came up with a variation of 22 thousandths-that's a lot! (I think the design spec calls for a thickness of 35 thousandths). Next was the true bar which had multiple dings on it as did the heavy duty scraper-both the result of shoddy packaging.
So I returned them all. (How frustrating is that to receive your long awaited precision ski tools only to find a pile of crap!)
Okay so I get the next batch. This time the true bar and scraper are o.k., but the base guide is again off but not quite as bad. Again the flat stainless strip where the file rests was wrong. It had a taper file both front to back and side to side. I forget the variation, but it was way off.
We're talking variation here that is clear to the eye. To confirm that I wasn't going insane, (before measuring), I showed them to people who have no idea what this thing is. I just asked "Does this strip look flat to you?" -laughs. Sent that back and finally got one that was o.k.
The thing is I have their tuning video and the begining starts off with pictures of cnc machines. I guess the guy operating it that day had smoked way too much weed. But why didn't anyone inspect it before shipping?
(Remember the hostage rescue in 1980?-The mechanics for the helicopters had been smoking too. Then they started ski racing and then they opened a ski... - just kidding)
Never got any "we're sorry.." note or anything from them either. It was not a great experience. They do make excellent tools though, at least when that tool operator isn't smoking and the inspector isn't out skiing.
Even after that I'd still recommend them. (Though they haven't updated their website in 2 years -oh, too busy smo....)
I'd order from Tognar.com, Artechski.com or buy it at a store. No one discounts them. <FONT size="1">

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