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Any Breck skiers out there???

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I've been going to breck for the past several years...and last year was quite a dissapoinment. It seemed like several years ago the crowds at breck were not bad at all...last march it was rediculous. I know breck like the back of my hand so we knew where to go to avoid all the people but it just got frustrating at times. Why did vail have to but this awsome resort and build it up. We are going to Jackson Hole this year to try something new....i'll go back to breck one day but its such a shame what has happened to that great place over the past few years.
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come on. what'd you expect ? breck is the biggest + closest resort and easiest to get to from denver. it gets crowded, but with keystone + abasin on the same ticket + bus route; i'd say its the best deal going and you hadnt seen crowded until you go to whistler for presidents day. presidents day at breck had 1/4 the crowds.
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