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Just Got Back From Snowmass

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It really is a fun mountain for an intermediate skier with a lot of fun runs with some interesting contour to them. The snow was very good the first 3 days then it warmed up and got sticky and chunky. The crowds were low though I noticed people there tend to ski out of control more than at other places I've been to. I nearly got nailed by a wedger straightlining a blue and my wife got creamed by a stemmer out of control on a steeper section again on a blue. Bruised chest and a neck sprain but otherwise ok. Great mountain but pricey food on top and in the village. Getting in and out of Aspen airport can be interesting in bad weather! skidoc
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Well skidoc I'm glad you liked Snowmass...I'm fond of it myself. The mountain does tailor itself towards the visiting crowd I.E....families from Texas.
So I can believe that you had some issues with runaway people on skis....but with the size of the Mass you should be able to ski lines without seeing anybody...
Hope you got to enjoy some of the new snow that has blessed us this Febuary. Have had some great freshies the last couple of weeks.
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Xcop, that is one big interesting mountain you have there. Some of the local guys were telling me where to try but it was out of my league. I myself found some fairly deserted areas that people tend to avoid due to inconvenience. That ski school has some serious talent there though 2 days of private lessons cost as much as some of my ski trips. skidoc
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