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Check out www.skijob1.com for the official VR job postings, and try www.vaildaily.com and www.mountainrecruiter.com for other area openings.

Good luck to you, and plan on bringing enough $ to survive without a job for several weeks at least. VR is not really hiring en mass until they start seeing some good numbers for the season. This may not happen until well after the holidays.
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They say you come to Colorado for the winters and stay for the summers.

Equipment. Just of I70 & Kipling in Denver, try checking out Larsen's Ski & Sport. Picked up some new Lange L10 Races for $200, and picked up some new K2 Morrisons a couple years back for $300. They always seem to have great deals on new, year old, and demo gear.

Vail. The George, just before the Covered Bridge, in the Village is one of many laid back places. The rest, you'll discover with time in the Valley.

Good Luck with that drive, I've done the East Coast trip many times.

-- woodpile
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Hi Vailbound and Woodpile. Nothing to add just wanted to say welcome.

Woodpile what part of Denver are you in?

You both may want to check out http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...&f=10&t=000046

and tell us a bit more about you.

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I'm a college student in Georgia taking a semester off and heading to work at Vail Dec. 15th. I was just wondering if anyone out there could give me some advice on how to find a job, what are the best jobs, where to live, vail secrets, nightlife, etc. I also plan to buy a new pair of skis when I get out there, so what is the best place to buy them? Any other advice on anything Vail related would be a great help.

Thanks ya'll,
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I appreciate the warm welcome. As per you question, I live downtown, in what I affectionately call "The Hood" – first Curtis Park, then Whitter and now Park Hill. A former Washington, D.C. kid, I moved in "The Hood" six years ago before it was popular, bought a place, then another, etc…

As I stated in my earlier post, I came for the winters and stayed for the summers – camping, biking, climbing, skiing, you name it! And I am going to take your advice and follow your link.

-- woodpile
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