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Whistler Locals

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Or those who frequent the resort. Couple of things I am lookin for. 1)of course the best(sickest, I believe is the popular term) lines/runs there?
2)Where to go @ night, bars clubs, etc?
3)Who rents tele-boots and for how much?
Sorry I should have actually posted in resort forum.
thanks though
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I second all that...

Also - (and I suppose I'm asking for it with a fashion-related question) what is the standard dress in pubs/clubs?

Where are the best places to hang out to meet locals, not just the Aussies who I hear have overrun the place?

I'll be in Vancouver for a day, so is it better to buy gear (ie. new jacket) there or in Whistler?
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Seventh Heaven on the blackcomb side is my favorite. All the way down under the chair. bumps bumps bumps. and I think I could almost do them well now.

Northwest. AC can fix the resort oops.
AC, can you close and move this thread to Resorts forum?

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Best (in-bound) Steep Skiing: Spanky's Ladder area, drops over the ridge into the Blackcomb Glacier

Best nightlife: Garfinkel's

I'll move this over to the Resort Forum for continued discussion...

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Hey all, I'll be up at the WB next week as well. Go check out this link and view the WB vids. Sure to get you hyped. After watching, I'm def going to be spending some time around 'The Bite' and Ruby Bowl.
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While also staying there and riding the Aligator Bus, The Boot was a pretty cool bar to chill at. On Tuesday nights there is skin, skin, skin everywhere. And the Mongolian restaurant in the village is worth a try if you're looking for something different. Watch out for the police though...they're not too hip to late night hottub hopping ;^)

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Cherry, dress is casual everywhere. Vancouver has more sales and usually better prices.
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You know, I could tell everyone where the best skiing is on the mountains, but what good would that do for me? Have all the powder stashes skied out? I've been skiing Whistler since 1973, and Blackcomb since it opened. Over that time, regulars and locals have found new places to hide in as lift expansion took away secret chutes.

Among that reason, there is the issue of safety. I have no idea how good you are as a skier. You might be better than me, but I can't be certain of that. If I send you into an area that is above your level, and you hurt yourself or worse, what will the consequences towards me be?

Also, if you are not able to ski the areas properly, and end up ruining the snow for other, will you feel good about that?

Whistler/Blackcomb truly have double black diamond runs. These aren't runs that have been designated so just so they can show some on the trail map. Glacier Couloir, Glacier Cirque, and West Cirque are all very steep and narrow, with a few leaps over rocks mid way through (this year).

Consider hooking up with a local and following him/her around. Chances are they'll show you, which is what I do, since I'll know your skiing ability before you make your first turn (Its how you stand and move around in ski gear).

As to apres and night life... Longhorn, GLC, Duhb Lin Gate, Garfs, Mojo's, Bill's, Tommy's, Rabid Puppy (aka Savage Beagle).


Umberto's (Il Caminetto or La Tratorria) -awesome, but pricey, italian
Quatros - similarily awesome and pricey italian
Ulis Flip Side - reasonable priced, awesome pasta
Milestones and Earls. Both have Americanish menus, with a bit more culture thrown in.
Sushi Village - very good, ummm, sushi
Teppan Village - very good, ummm, teppan
Tandori - Indian at its finest. Reasonable, and really yummy if you like curries etc.
Brew House- lots of meat and self brewed beers.
Keg and Hyes - Both are steak houses.

You can get anything you want to eat in Whistler. Figure out what you want, then ask where it is. Rotten Ronny's, Dirty Bird, Slug Way, Domino's, etc is also in the valley.

I don't know who has tele gear for rent. Try Katmandu. (Beside Dirty Bird)

Have fun on your trip. Altitude 2001 is from the 4th to 11th of Feb, so if you're around then, don't drop your keys, and reserve early for restaurants.
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Hmm.... yes, Altitude. I read about that. Not the best week for a single, hetero person to visit.

But by god, there'll be dancing!!
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