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Open in the Midwest?

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I have a pre-Christmas trip to Colorado planned and I want to get some skiing in before I go. I need to ski my new boots and get my legs in some level of better shape before heading out. I know there are a few Midwest slopes open already but I want more than a single trail that is open.

I was wondering if anyone knows what places in the Midwest will be open before Thanksgiving?

What places are usually open the earliest in the Midwest? I don't care about the Lodge, a Resort, conditions, or any thing but a lift and a slope that is open!

Thanks in advance for any info or updates.

Ty [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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The Boyne's and or Nubs Nob in northern lower Michigan are your best bet. They usually shoot for a Thanksgiving opening and this year looks VERY promising. Keep an eye on their snow report:

We should have a bears gathering up there this year. We might get all 6 of us.
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Thanks Arby, I love your Arby Sauce!

I really want to go BEFORE Thanksgiving. I plan on getting to Boyne in January or early March this year. Just visited with some Boyne people at the Chicago Ski Show.

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Brule has been open since Oct.27th.
Tyrol was open last weekend(11/3). They may open again this weekend if the weather co-operates.

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You can ski this weekend (Fri-Sun) at Ski Brule way up where Michigan overlooks Wisconsin. They've been open three days a week since the first of November. Marquette Mtn. was testing its snowguns last week and the weather this week is supposed to be below freezing at least overnights. I think Marquette was aiming for a Nov. 15 weekend opening.

Skiing in the Lower Peninsula before Thanksgiving just ain't going to happen.
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Coming over for Thanksgiving Kneale?
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If I drove that far, I'd probably go on to some mountains :~). Brule would be almost 350 miles one way. Marquette would be about 100 miles closer. Their webcam currently shows them running the snowguns.
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It's 290 miles from New Glarus.
Brule is only about 50 miles from Marquette if you know the shortcut at Sagola.(not sure on that spelling) Besides, it gets colder at Brule. I tried to have my camp at Marquette three years in a row and had to go to Brule each time(one year we shuttled)so I gave up and moved it there.

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Hugely unfamiliar with the UP. I drove to Iron River for a snowmobile race when I was a snowmobile mag editor aver 30 years ago. All I remember was visiting Hurley!!!! My wife and I used to motorcycle up to Marquette to visit a friend who was in school there in the mid-1970's.

How's terrain compare between Marquette and Brule?
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Hey Arby
If there is a gathering of midwest bears count me in. I ski at Boyne mt. 3 or 4 times a week, I live right behind it.PM me.
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Marquette has much better terrain than Brule. However, at this time of year, the lake keeps toowarm for good snowmaking. Brule is inland and doesn't get the "lake effect" but is colder as a result.
From Marquette take US-41 west to M-96, south to Sagola then west on ? to Crystal Falls on US-2 and on to Iron River.
I'm not sure I'd want to drive that far for the amount of snow they usually have but we have a USSA race there the next weekend. It's usually the only game in town at Thanksgiving. I've been doing this camp there for 13 years and haven't cancelled once.
Tyrol was open a couple days but now it's too humid for snowmaking and it's ruduced to a few piles.
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Hey ya'll...

Just a mental note... I grew up in Champaign Il. and my roots of where I learned to ski was in the Mid West... With that I give a shout out... But my point.. I quit college with only a semester to go and moved out to my place of pure passion.. Snowshoe W.V. for those of you in the Chicago are or even the Norther Penn. your drive time out here is no more then 10 hrs.. We have twice as much to offer, were at alomost 5000 feet here, snow is great and we are opening Nov 22... We have over 50 runs to offer... Hey, I will never forget my roots, but for the SoutEast,,, snowshoe is not all that bad... Check us, spread the word, nothing compares in the mid west
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Yo little red,

I hate to knock a midwest ski area but Snowshoe was one of my favorite weekend trips. I say was because last season I went back after a five year absence. Intrawest has done a beautiful job with the new village and all, but the skiing is pure dangerous! WAY too many outa-control jerks, (I won't even call them skiers), bombing down the hill without a clue for the skiers reponsibility code. Merging trails, crazy skiers, people sitting in the middle of the name it, that place has become a zoo! The ski patrol is too busy removing the carnage to educate anyone. Never anywhere did I see any signs about skier safety, or the responsibility code. Until they make safety a priority, I'll never go back. It's too bad, but they are more interested in selling condos and offering a "mountain experience" then safety for their skiing clientel.
Off my soapbox now.
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I just drove by Marquette Mountain 5 minutes ago... They have a TON of snowguns going! They must have upgraded their pumps and electric service, because I've never seen that much snow flying there. The conditions should be good by this weekend. I skied at Brule Friday, they had 3 or 4 runs open.
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Let us know.
I'm off to Tyrol in the morning.
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Hey Little Red,

Got to love someone from C-U. Are you Central or Centennial?? How long have you been gone?? Does Garcia's or Papa Dels bring back good memories? Do you remember Mr. Roberts at WCIA?

If I ever go visit my relatives in the Carolinas in the winter, I will make sure I drop and and check out Snowshoe!

Props to Chambana!


Lafayette Ski Club

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Ty Webb,

I noticed on your club calender the ISC weekend at Schuss. I didn't make last years but I did the year before. Pretty good time with good racing. They do a nice job up there setting the courses, throwing the party and lots of good food. Are you going this year? I am planning on going back up this year Feb 22-23.
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Don't forget to buy your lift ticket at Schuss this year, Ty, Arby and anyone else participating in a race event. They discovered at one event last year that there were a couple hundred registrants and something like 40 lift tickets sold, so they're paying attention to who's wearing a permanently attached ticket now.
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My fiance (She will be my wife by then) and I are planning on going to the weekend. I am pretty sure we won't be racing but I hear this is always a fun party. I don't know how many of our club will make it up but we should be there.

We really like going to Schuss/Shanty. It is a pretty nice place and we enjoy all the people there. Pretty laid back!!

Drop me a line when the time gets closer and we will hook up at the weekend. I will buy you a cold one or a hot one....your choice. Are you in the Indy Ski Club?? We are going to Crystal Mtn. with a group from Indy. The Indy Ambassadors and Lafayette Ski Club are going up on a bus together.


Lafayette Ski Club

Support your local ski club!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Hey T.Y

I was a Centennial Charger! I miss those roots. I had a Garcias only a block away from my home, so I hit it quite often. And as for Papa Dells, I spent many of evenings waiting in line for a table, but hey, it was worth it. I have been out here for three years now and love it! So I am assuming you race? I raced with the CMSC for 2 years, and belonged to the Champaign Ski Club for 19. Know anyone from there? I have kind of lost contact with some folk. I know I raced with a few folk up your way, but I do not remember there names...

And to Arby,,,

Last year was a horrid season and I agree 100% with what you said. I did not hit the slope much because it was a tad bit scary, but this year they have brought on 18 more patrol up here at snowshoe, and 6 down at silver creek. And right now as I write, we are getting dumped on and will have a crazy amount of terrain open. The resort realized some problems last season, but I have been coming here for 17 yrs and last years was the only shity year I can remember... One more thing, there is a whole lot more here then what people even know, it is worth taking a day to drive around and see what beauty this state has to offer..... It is a well kept secret.
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Another good day at Tyrol
Any word from Marquette?
We've had that experience at races too. The lifty sees a bib and assumes a ticket. Tyrol checks pretty close . You need it even on your race run(but it's on my pants at the top )
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I need to ski soon or I am going to go nuts!!! I have to try out my new boots!!! I can't wait for the Honeymoon in Mid December!!

What places in Wisconsin or Lower Michigan will be open daily before Thanksgiving. What places will be open and have good snow the week after Thanksgiving. I really want to go on a weekday but I could go on a Sunday.

Who will be open and have decent early snow???

Any help from the locals is appreciated!


Lafayette Ski Club
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Ty, I just got an email from Chestnut Mountain, about 5 hr. drive from Lafayette. I think it would be a little closer for you. They plan to open Nov 29 with free skiing Nov 29 and 30, then 'date pricing' until Dec 20. i.e. Dec 1 lifts are $1. Dec 2 lifts are $2, etc.

I've never been there, although we keep talking about making a weekend trip. A couple of club members have been, and liked it a lot, but I've got no idea if it's actually skiable that early.

Their web site is, but it isn't the most informative one I've ever seen.
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Chesnut is a good hill. Worth the trip if they are half open.
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Marquette Mountain added 14 new guns..and it's been blowing tons of snow...supposed to be open 22nd of Nov. E mail me for up date later this week if you're serious. No comparison bet Brule and Marquette in terrain. Brule is boring....I skied Brule manytimes and the race hill is okay..but beyond that come to's a real secret low crowds and great terrain and
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Right about that DJ, but, they're not open.
Skied Tyrol for the fourth time tonight. Best yet. Just above freezing, soft and fast. Last night when the rain stopped it cleared and was frozen HARD by 11:00. They made snow and it held throught the 50+ temp today.
See you on 12/28-30.
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Well, several places are open now. Who has skied at the Midwest resorts. How was the snow and who had lots of runs open??

Ty [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Who skied in the Midwest this Thanksgiving long weekend?

Where did you ski?

How was it?

How many runs were open?

Ty [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I skied at Schuss (where I also work some) Thursday thru today. Despite reports of big snow dumps, if there hadn't been snow guns, there wouldn't have been skiing.

Schuss had what they call six runs open, including the beginner rope tows hill (it now has two rope tows and about twice its past width).

Snow was hard and chunky Thursday because they had two groomers out of service before they completed tilling for the day. Friday was warmer and the snow was very nice on everything that was open. They'd brought in a functional groomer from Shanty. Saturday was colder again and the snow was harder, but not as chunky as Thursday. Today the hard base had a topping of about three inches of fresh natural. It was cold enough the base remained intact (no emerging chunks).

Schuss closed tonight and reopens next Friday. Weather's supposed to remain cold enough they should have double the terrain open.

I rode the lifts Saturday and today with folks who'd skied Boyne and Nub's during the holiday weekend and had encountered similar conditions generally except that Nub's had more terrain open than the others.
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I skied Cascade "Mountain" In Wisconsion Saturday, and it was decent for this early in the season. They had a few runs open, and as far as conditions, it was basically really hard packed snow to ice.

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