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Hey Ott, there's no reason not to ask it here! This topic is about the Dolomites, isn't it? [img]smile.gif[/img]
I've been away for a while, gone to Austria for easter w/e skiing...and then didn't check immediately
the threads, sorry for not answering immediately.
Now, as for your question:
The winter season ends in the Dolomiti area in these weeks (looks like 14.04.2002 will be the last day),
so until mid june it is kind of a "dead season" as far as Italians, then mid-june will start the summer season...
As you too well know, weather in the mountains is unpredictable but, may-june are transitions months, weatherwise
too. Given that this winter has been a "little bit dry", I'm fearing murphy's law, and I am expecting a "wet" summer...or at least a "wet" springtime...
In June the temperatures in the mountains are cool (not cold), but when the sun shines it's very agreeable, I've been there (not in Cortina, but in the area) in summer only a couple of times, and in August, traditionally the hottest summer month, and weather was superb.
Since we are talking about Cortina, thus the area "big town", I am confident you'll be
able to find a room for two for the night.
I took the liberty to ring up the ATP Cortina (Tourist Board) and there they told me that
surely there will be no problem as far as a free room, they just do not have an up-to-date list of the hotels that will be open during the period of your visit,
and to call them in a couple of weeks...then they should be able to tell me how many hotels will be opened at the end of may.
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Thanks, Matteo, this helps. I have three days to bum around and I think that after Cortina I'll drive to Innsbruck over the Brenner on Friday and come back along Lago di Garda on Saturday.

I just wonder about the Stau on the Brenner on Saturday, all Germans head for Italy

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Right Ott, Brenner Pass its the hottest point
as far as traffic concerns, between Italy ans Austria.
It's the main entering point from Austria and Germany for all those who wish to spend their holyday in Veneto or generally in the easter part of Italy.
The official border check has been abolished when both Italy and Austria joined the EU (European Union, mockingly also known as Euroland), thanks to the Maastrich treaty of 1993 but...
What causes the stau (queue) at the Brenner is that it is a toll on-exit bridge or tunnel (don't know exactly, would you beleive that I carefully avoid to travel that way, and prefer to travel thru Switzerland and Western Austria, when heading north to Germany, for me, geographically speacking, it's shorter).
During the holyday periods it's a mayhem, with stauen (queues) that are km looooong.
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Bert wrote:
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Ooops, one more question, about the Dolomiti Superski Pass. I know it covers a huge area as far as the ski lifts go. Rumors are the public transportation (I mean the ski buses) are included as well. Is it true <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Sorry for the delay in responding but I have been away. My recollection is that the ski buses are restricted to each individual resort. eg The Cortina buses go as far as Passo Falzarego but no further. The normal means of transport between resorts is public buses (cheap but slower) or taxis (faster-sometimes very much so, but expensive)

We organised a taxi from Cortina to Campitello, which with 4 of us was OK.
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Thread Starter 
So I'll need a haulier.
Thanks, gerathlete 1.
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Bert, Gerathlete has it right, and got back to you first.
But, a Taxi from Cortina to Campitello?
Why, if I may ask, haven't you skied?
You could have taken the bus till Passo Falzarego, skied down to Armentarola, then skied up and down till Corvara, and joined the Sella ronda tour either way (clockwise or counterclosckwise).
The shortes way to Canazei from Corvara would be throught Arabba and Passo Pordoi, then once in Canazei (Fassa Valley, the same as Campitello) well, there you can take a taxi or a bus...
If luggage was the "problem", or time was an issue, then ok, I understand.
A couple of years ago, I read an article written by a guy whom spent three or four days in the area this way, travelling from Sciliar (just above Bolzano/Bozent) to Cortina, using the skis as a locomotion mean and runs and lifts as roads.
Of course his luggage was hauled by bus or Van by someone else.
If I find the article again, I'll try to put some extracts...
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I went to Dolomiti (Val di Fassa) in Junuary 2001. I have entire report with photos about this trip, but this report in Russian. To read it is possible with the help automatic translators: http://babelfish.altavista.com
or http://www.translate.ru/eng/srvurl.asp
And the translator is not necessary for viewing photos [img]smile.gif[/img])

Link to my order about Val di Fassa: http://www.mamboo.ru/front/object~afj988263480648
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DolomitiĀ is the shit !

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My two cents. Not a great region for early-season snow; they are pretty dependent on snowmaking. Unbeatable for scenary. Very good for ambiance and a well-organized area, especially by Italian standards.

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Wow, talk about reviving an old thread! The previous last post post was 2002

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