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Apex Vs Big White

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me and a group of 2 or 3 will be visiting friends in Penticton BC in early February. We will have enough time for 5 full days of skiing. The closest mountain is Apex, but I have not heard a lot about this mountain. We're kinda debating if we should cosider doing most of our skiing there or book 2-3 nights at Big White which is about 21/2 hours away. (we will have a car)And what about Silverstar?

My group is composed of northeastern advanced skiers in their mid 30s who are really craving for the powder experience. Don't really give a damm about the night life!

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Apex is the one out the 3 that didn't develop in the last 10 years. Had Indian troubles that held them back. Yes really. If a fancy lodge and high prices are not what you want I'd go to Apex and safe the drive and $$. Just do a day trip to Big white.
I've skied all three but that was along time ago. But Apex is a well regarded hill. If you get a powder day mid week you will get the goods alot longer than the other two.
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You can't go wrong at any of the Okanogan resorts. Apex is the smallest, then Silver Star, then Big White. Sun Peaks is another great hill, about 3 hours North. One day at Apex is fine, and any of the others are worthy of two or three. All are inexpensive and uncrowded.

The region is known for sunshine and light, dry snow. However it is not known for big snow accumulations. Even the Eastern BC/Alberta resorts, despite their claims, are not great in this respect. The coast range and the Cascades (West) is real snow country, though it isn't the fluff you get in the interior; a good thing, as far as I'm concerned. Whistler and Vancouver hills consistently gets double or triple the snow, Mt. Baker just across the border double that.

Regardless, you should have a wonderful time!
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Last season I talked with a few people that had been to both resorts. The areas are similar with good snow/skiing. They said the terrain was more challenging at Apex. Since Apex is so close to where you are staying, you'll probably get to ski more by going to Apex. A check on the "What's New" section of the Apex Resort website revealed that they are opening the "Wildside" part of the mt with some tree clearing and improved exit traverse. Sounds like the locals won't be happy about it!

The "wildside" will be on the new Apex trail map. By the time I ever ski Apex, the wildside will probably be lift-served. I think there is an article about Apex in the Firsttracksonline website.
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Hey, I'm supposed to go there too! Where are you staying?

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Probably same place you're staying: a place called Ema's!

Nice try bro!
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Thanks all!

you have calmed my fears about Apex. Sounds like the type of slope we'll like : challenging, uncrowded and cheap! We will probably only make a day trip to Big white since we are in the Area...who knows, might bring the kids next year!



Ski you later
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