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A Great lesson at the canyons

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I just had a private lesson at The canyons
We spent the better part of the day working on fundementals and movement patterns. What a big difference once we got onto the rough stuff. everything feels so much more comfortable. The turns are rounder, and I feel like I can make my turns much more on demand and not being pushed around as much.

My instructer was Lyle and he did great job of explaining everything. He was suprised that I had read some of Joubert's work.

A Great lesson. and I know now I am making mostly level 9 Psia turns and movements. I just need to refine them more and learn to blend them together better.
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Way to go, DCHAN. I know the lasting and re-exciting effects those "breakthrough" days can have. Any specifics on the lesson itself, if you get the time? How you began, how it ended? Any single things sticking in your mind?
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The biggest thing that sticks out is the tip to use my thigh to lead my turns. Not to think about which leg or foot is applying pressure, weight transfer or any of those things, but to let my body find it's best balance. I suspect this is kind of obscure and the tip is most likely not for everyone but it opened up a whole new dimension in my skiing. We also went over pole plants and primary movements.

Talk to you guys more when I get back to my dsl line on Sunday.
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I will repost this on the ski technique and instruction forum.
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