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Sugarbowl Closing :(

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Sugarbowl has just announced that they will be closing this weekend. Sunday April 21 will be their last day. This is one week earlier than their original projected date of April 28.
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This is such a shame

I just got back from 2 days of skiing at the Bowl.

The conditions couldn't be better..

Friday, the temp never got above 34 F and it snowed on and off until noon. If I didn't have a birthday party to get back for, (niece) My dad and I would have skied to the closing bell. As it was we skied 19 runs 25K Vertical feet.

Saturday, I got to Sugarbowl at 8:15 and they started loading the chairs at 8:30 [img]smile.gif[/img]
I skied non stop until 3:00. Still had stashes of powder and packed powder all day. Silverbelt had some patches of ice but for the most part it was very nice and soft.

Today's totals, 28 runs and 35K Vert... My legs are beat... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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One last stop at the top of Mount Lincoln Sugarbowl before the end of my season..

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what was SB mangement's logic for closing down Disney this week. Kept me away. I went to Alpine and Kirkwood instead but would have gone to SB had Disney been open.
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I don't know. I was bummed when I arrived there on Friday too.

My only guess is that they let a lot of people go not expecting the last snow fall and the fact that skier visits had dropped off so far that it was costing too much to keep operating. On March 30, Mike asked us how long we could continue to work. I told him I would be avail thru Saturday April 20 and expected to be working this weekend. The original target for closure was April 28.

Then on the 6th I was handed my pink slip along with most of the crew.

I suspect the cost to keep the whole mountain was loosing too much money and they had probably let most of the ski patrol go too. Thus with the huge snow fall, they could not do ava control and grooming so they opted to not open that side of the mountain.
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The cost benefit was not there. This late in the season, many who ski are pass holders or comps, not generating any revenue for the ski area.

Saturday and Sunday were outstanding...like skiing mid-February!

Lincon chair "broke" on Sunday. I sat on the chair for over 30 minutes...not moving at all! Somehow they finally nursed us to the top before we had to evacuate using ropes and pulleys!

I was a little disappointed that they did not have "refreshments" at the top when we finally got there.
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Were you at the bowl Saturday?

I pretty much spent the whole day doing laps on Lincoln.
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Saturday and Sunday... laps and laps and laps and laps!

Took a wicked fall in the Sisters on Saturday afternoon (I LOVE my helmet), which sent me to the deck for ice on my knee, and beer for the rest of my aches!

Did you happen to see the rag-a-muffin in a red jacket, rapidly sliding head first down the 1st Sister, taking a few mouguls with their head? If so...that would have been me!

Went back out on Sunday, and had a blast! Then celebrated both my birthday, and getting through another season without a visit to the emergency room! A huge feat for me!
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Saw lots of red jackets but not one sliding down.

I was making laps on Ralves > Henderson bowl > ridge run. laying down tracks most of the day. Trying to get that feet-hi edge-early into my muscle memory.. If you looked down at ridge run and saw a yellow and black streak go by making big round turns that was probably me.

Later in the day I went into the belt with a few instructors to make a few runs with them down the bumps.

Happy Birthday! That makes what? 21?
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Chute I...renamed this season as "Rahlve's Run", which we NOW fondly call..."16th Place".

Kind of drives me nutty when they rename the lifts and the runs! : : :

Especially when the former sign designations are still up in the trees...for example designating Hellman's Chute as its former name "Chute II". Kind of confusing if one is not familiar with the mountain. :

Sorry I missed you! We have actually taken a run or two together before (on Dis.) I was skiing with Mink on a very fun powder day...you had to ditch for line up. I don't think we saw you for the rest of the day. Well, you know the expression "there are no friends on powder days"!

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