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Whistler Best Breakfasts

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Hola! Can anyone advise on the best/biggest breakfast buffets and/or restaurant breakfasts in WB area? We make this a highlight in our Ski Trips. Thank You.
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Chef Bernard's Cafe. In the Glacier Lodge, Upper Village, across from the Chateau Whistler.



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Hey! Who let that easterner in on the Chef Bernard's secret?! Well, I gotta second the notion, its a great spot. Bernard used to be the premier chef across the road at the Chateau Whistler, then decided to open his own little hole-in-the-wall cafe. Everything is wonderfully unique, and portions are ample. For a more traditional buffet breaky, try Portobello or the Wildflower Cafe in the Chateau. A breakfast bagel or burrito at the Rendezvous on Blackcomb with a fresh-ground premium coffee is a great start too.

You won't find bargain Vegas-style all-you-can-eat greasy hog farm breakfast buffets at Whistler... thank god. No Denny's, IHOP either, though there are unfortunately a couple McBarfo's. West Coast Canadian eating tends to be a casual atmosphere, and non-traditional fresh food creations with liberal use of herbs. Prices tend to be realistic, but not a giveaway. But heck, if you're a yank, everything's a giveaway for your buck anyhow.

Have a great trip, and we'll pray for snow for ya!
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The best deal going is the First Tracks breakfast at the top of Whistler. It is a full buffet breakfast that is not gourmet but definitely fuels the engine. The best deal about it is that you get to ride the gondola to the top an hour before regular loading begins. This means no wait in the line and first tracks. I think the cost is $15-17 canadian. That's a steal for breakfast and an untracked powder run. I have even been known to leave food on the table when they announce that the patrol has open the slopes to skiing. If you cram the food down or bring some baggies to put some danish in, you may get 2-3 powder runs in before the hoards hit. I usually don't do this unless there is fresh snow. No fresh snow means coffee and granola in the condo.
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