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hats off to hunter

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This weekend, I went on a three-day tour of New York State's biggest ski areas: Whiteface, Gore, and Hunter. I had a great time at all of them, but I have to give props to oft-criticized Hunter for having far and away the best conditions and most open terrain (despite the fact that the Catskills had received less than a foot of natural snow --that is until last night).

In line with their claim of being the "Snowmaking Capital of the World", they had clearly bombed the livin' crap out of the mountain with manmade snow, and there was very little ice, and NO exposed gravel or rocks.

Per conventional wisdom, NEVER go there on weekends (unless you want to collide with the entire population of Piscataway, NJ and Great Neck, LI) but for weekdays, it's actually pretty good.
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I like those places also, but never on a weekend (Hunter). My vote overall goes to Gore. Plattekill is a cool place too. Hopefully more terrain will open up soon.
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I agree that Gore is probably the best overall mountain (although if you get Whiteface on the right day, it can be amazing). BUT, they really have to do something about that godawful traverse intermediate skiers have to go through to go down from the upper mountain.
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For years I said I would never go to Hunter. Ever. Last year a friend convinced me to do a couple of day (weekday)trips and I was also pleasantly surprised. Definitely the best snow and terrain this side of VT (I am in the NYC 'burbs). Still I concur, NEVER on a weekend.

How is Windham? Strictly kiddie cruisers?
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I've skied Hunter only once - in 1990. It was full of obnoxious NYC/NY/CT skiers who would run you down and ski across you. It was almost as bad as my experience at Stratton in 1980.

Otherwise, it was a good snow day, and the conditions were much like jamesdeluxe described.
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