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Its SNOWING in Washington!

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Hey, snow levels are suppose to be between 1,000'-3,000' through the weekend. Looks like snow will be falling!! Here is a live-cam from Sherman Pass....

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sweet, i hope there is a big base when i come home in mid december.
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I hate you. It's going to be 70 in Boston this weekend.
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2-3 inches on my lawn when I woke up here in utah today... Praying really does work... let it keep coming

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Cold here, cold..about 6-7 degrees (Centigrade) at ground level...
Snow is on the mountains but the lift operators won't open...
BTW, at the newscast yeaterday I've heard a strange news:
My region governement is going to ban skinning on groomed.
Usually the easiest way to train for many randonneurs (no avalanche risks...).
All associations (FISI et al) are complaining that this means exposing people to unnecessary risks...
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6 inches in the valley... in far northern Utah today so far.
I would imagine there is at least 15 inches in the mountains.
Maybe I will be skiing sooner than I thought!

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