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Fisher RX5 vs RX8

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I skied on the RX5 last year and liked it a lot. How is it compared to the RX8 wich is supposed to be the top of the RX line? Im looking for a versatile all mountain ski with exeptional carving abilities.
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The RX5 is 111-67-96 with a 15m turn radius at 170cm, and the RX8 is 115-66-98 with a 14m turn radius at 170cm. I was not able to read the construction details (I couldn't find an English-language description), but it looks like the RX5 is not an Air Carbon ski while the RX8 is. You've seen my comments on my RX8s here, to you know I think they fit the bill for what you seek. But, I can't compare them to the RX5.
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The review in Ski MAGAZINE seems to indicate that this model is not vert quick edge to edge. Any feedback on this?
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Check out the new RX9. I will be posting a review in the next couple of days-I really like it! Great carver, easy, stable, and more verstaile than the RX8 (IMO).
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Originally posted by oboe:
The review in Ski MAGAZINE seems to indicate that this model is not vert quick edge to edge. Any feedback on this?
I would say that, for me, the RX9 is infact very light and quick-It was quicker than the RX8 for me. A lighter-feeling ski-it almost felt like a race slalom when pushed in short radius turns. That gave it some extra verstaility-it felt like a 14m radius ski, when in fact it was a 17m radius ski. I really thought I could do anything I wanted, unlike some GS carvers. I always thought the RX8 was a little heavy and bulky feeling-it was quick edge to edge, but not the lightest ski (mine had the beefy plate installed, not the railflex) but the RX9 surprised me with it's lightness and versatility (my take on the RX8 was that it was a great carver, but the Elan S12 and Volkl 5-star were as good or better carvers and more verstaile to boot). The RX9 kicked butt in the fall line, which totally surprised me. The RX9 doesn't ski anything like the Worldcup RC (which has more sidecut, but a similiar turn radius). That ski is really heavy, good on groomed snow but not much else. For me at least, the RX9 is a great ski-if I were Fischer, I would probably replace the RX8 next season and just make the RX9-it does everything that the RX8 does, but with more versatility. Awesome free ski biased toward groomed snow.

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Thanks for the input guys. What is the difference between the RX5 and the RX9 then?

I took part in a ski test last year and the RX5 was in it. I liked the ski very much but none of the skiis were top of the line. Unlike other Fisher skiis I have skiid on lately the RX5 seemed very light and alive. Cut through the ice with a crisp snapp but also did skidding very well. It was my favorite ski from this test group and I was thinking of buying that exact example. Im a working ski instructor and the RX5 would fit the bill very well. I also use my working skiis for recreational skiing in the Alps in bumps and off-pist. Any pure slalom or giantslalom ski is sort of out of the question.
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oboe, I'm finding that even my 88mm waist Havocs are quick edge-to-edge when you stand on 'em correctly.

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Went down to the local shop and got me a pair of RX8's for testing this weekend. I also got the Head XRC but the Atomic SX-11 was not available.

What bothers me with the Fishers is the binding! It looks a little flimsy and the bace plate is not high enough. Fisher has this binding 12 that has extra 10mm lift and that would bearly raise it to 50mm over the snow wich is minimum to me. The Tyrolia on the Head looks just perfect. Is it possible to get the RX8 with an other binding?
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You can get the RX8 without the railflex feature which opens up your binding options. For what it's worth Fischer's railflex binding is made by Tyrolia, just like Head's is.
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Originally posted by tdk6:
[QB]Thanks for the input guys. What is the difference between the RX5 and the RX9 then?QB]
What exactly is an RX5? I only know of the RX4, RX6, RX8, and RX9. If the RX5 is anything like the RX4 or RX6, it probably ahs more sidecut at a little tighter turn radius than the RX9. I do know the RX6 is a great all-around ski for upper intermediates to experts who don't ski too fast. A top-end skier skiing at high speed will overdrive the RX6 though, but it is seems more versatile than the RX8. The RX9 seemed more verstaile than the RX8 as well, so maybe it is like an RX6 with a higher speed limit.
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The Fischer bindings are all made by Tyrolia - Railflex, and non Railflex. I haven't studied the Tyrolia Line, and what's available in Europe may not be the same as what we have in the USA, so I don't know if there are some differences between any of the the Fischer branded bindings and the Tyrolia branded. In any event, if you get the RX-8 with the non-Railflex plate, you can use any non integrated binding, which would allow you to have the extra lift that you want. My RX8's (not Railflex) have the Fischer FX12, which does not add any lift.

I'm not familiar with the RX5, its not in the US catalog. We have the RX4, RX6, RX8, and the new RX9, which I haven't seen yet.

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anyone know the general performance difference(or basic difference other than the dimensions) between the Rx's and Head's iC series?
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Back from a day of teaching on RX8 165. I really like the ski but the railflex binding is not to my liking. First of all it doesent look like a pro binding and second of all it doesent have enough lift. Also a real bummer are the ski stoppers. They dont fold in close to the binding above the ski. Insted they stay in their out position and how is that going to work with bushes, soft snow or high speed carving? I was booting out at moderate speeds.

The RX5 is porbably only a european model. Tomorrow Ill try the Heads.
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