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Twin Tips for my Son

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I am thinking about purchasing new boards for my son. He is eleven years old, about 4'10" tall, and 80 pounds. He is an intermediate skier on long boards and fearless on his mini ski's. I am thinking about getting him some twin tips for Xmas. My thought is he will be able to run them downhill with his friends but also play in the pipe and trees as well. I have no idea who makes them or what might be a good setup for him. Any reco's for me. I have tried Ebay and only found one pair (Salomon 1080's) in my search. Your thoughts are appreciated.


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My youngest son skis the K2 MiniEnemy and loves this ski. He uses it some in the terrain park but mostly skis it for downhill. This ski really rips for a junior twin tip ski. You can buy them online almost anywhere for between $149 and $179. I got his from Pro Fit Ski & Skate in Leesburg, VA. The last time I was in there they still had last years version as well as this years. The only difference being the graphics. Pro Fit's contact info is listed in the bootfitter's section of the forum if you're interested. They'd be glad to ship you some for sure. Hope this helps.
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Ditto what Coach13 said.

My 11 y.o. daughter (75 lbs - very tall for her age) was on a pr of 140 Mini-Enemies all last season, and they took her skiing up several notches. With her very light weight, they even gave her plenty of float in the big 2.5 foot storm we had last spring. At the other end of the spectrum, she has also done blacks on them with absolutely no problem after it rained during the day, and then froze into glare ice after the sun went down.

She only uses the TT feature occasionally in the park and pipe, but I got a big kick one day when I was teaching some adult friends, skiing backwards on my 170 Enemies, well in front of them on a green slope. She came up alongside to talk to me, did an on-snow 180, and I realized we both were skiing switch, both on Enemies, chatting away.

Great little ski.

Tom / PM
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You have a PM ...
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