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A friend and I went skiing and had a blast. The snow was very good and the temp was perfect. We found the bump camp unoccupied and skied the lane for much of the day. What a workout. Near the end we skied the western face and found some really nice heavy spring snow.

I am planning on going next Thursday. Who's up for it?
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When you skied the western face, how far down could you ski? Back to flying mile or palmer?
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In the morning we cut to the left off of the Mile and skied out into the two lanes set up on the lower Western face. The first was Gilboa, the second I didn’t get the name. While there was no public skiing here (there may have been further out, but it didn’t appear accessible from the mile), we sweet-talked the folks at the camps and they let us ski the rollers between the lanes. They had the area set into a GS course at Gilboa and a Slalom at the other. I have found that skiers who ask can usually ski the open areas of lanes.

We skied the upper Western face only late in the day (12:00 to 1:15). The snow was so bad below the Palmer that we didn’t even try to ski down the Mile until last run. Yes, the snow on Palmer held until about 12:30, although the snow on the bumps lane started to get sticky by ski by 12:00 and I stopped skiing the bumps by 12:30 or so. What a weird thing, man-made bumps, real square and uniform. The lower section of the bump lane was a man made zipper line, which had been cut by kids on some pretty short skis. Fun but demanding (not very deep moguls down there, more like a deeply rutted super tight slalom course. Made me tired and happy all at the same time.

It appears that the Palmer is about a 30-degree slope and the Mile is significantly less. I think we made better than 35,000 vertical for the day (probably more, I lost count about lunch time and we skied almost two hours after that), lots more than I could get hiking! I am going up next Thursday. If you want to go let me know.
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