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Jay Peak

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What can you eastern folks tell me about Jay Peak? I know the story - great snowfall, good terrain, small crowd - and I have read the POWDER article. The website says they have 360 inches of snow so far this year. That is more than Alta or Wolf Creek! Is it true? Is it as good as they say?
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Did you notice at the websites though what the base depth is at each ski area? Take a look! <g> Snow doesn't do you much good when it rains on it!

I've worked at Jay Peak and and Wolf Creek . . . and skied Alta many times. So I must take the comparison to task! There IS no comparison . . . even slightly. Not in snow quality (after all there is a huge elevation difference, and it doesn't rain at Alta or Wolf Creek in the winter) or of course terrain.

Regardless in inches accumulated so far, that gap will really grow now since Alta and Wolf Creek really go OFF from March through May in snowfall, and it'll start raining pretty regularly at Jay by the end of March.

***However*** . . . that was just addressing a comparison that need not be made anyway. Fact is for an eastern ski area, Jay Peak is really a great place. Very layed back and non-corporate feeling, nice terrain and in a good year unbelievable snow for East of the Mississippi.<FONT size="1">

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This has been a great year for Jay, and a pretty good year for most Vermont ski areas. Of course it can't match the West, but for Vermont, it seems to get more snow than any other area and hold onto it longer. And that thick base does make a difference when a late season dump comes along.
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Oh absolutely - the other season I spent out East, I chose Jay specifically for the snow. Its definately in an entirely different league from other Eastern areas for snow. The one bummer is that if they go through a dry spell - they don't have anything like the snowmaking and grooming capacity of the bigger Eastern resorts and you can definately end up with some nice long ice fields! But its rarely like that for long.
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As a Colorado native who has skied Wolf Creek several times, and as a guy who is leaving for Salt Lake in four days, let me assure you that I understand your point! However, I am constantly surprised by the amount of snow at Jay. I decided to check it out this weekend for the first time, and it did not dissapoint. I have only been in New England for six months, but I have yet to ski in even an inch of fresh powder. However, at Jay this weekend I had 10 inches of fresh on Saturday (after a foot or so on Thurdsay), and an additional couple of inche on Sunday. By far the best glade skiing I have found in the East (so far). It isn't Alta, but for around here it is pretty darn good!

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Fredskier - agreed, for the east - Jay is excellent!
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Fred--I was at Jay Saturday and Sunday this weekend as well. The snow Saturday was just awesome! I experienced two "firsts" this weekend at Jay. 1--my first honest to goodness powder day at any Eastern mountain; and 2--glade skiing in the East. The snow was coming down so hard Saturday, and as it was my first time at Jay, I stuck to the marked trails--no matter; every trail had a nice layer of powder. (I was told that the Jay web site listed 14"-18" of new for Saturday; not sure about that , but it was easily a foot). Sunday we had snow showers, but the visibility was much better, so my son and I skied in the trees the whole day. Great fun, really nice glades.

I don't know Wolf Creek at all, but do know Alta and don't think that Jay compares favorably to Alta in any department except lifts (and acceptance of snowboarders--my sons both snowboard, and will never be able to ski Alta with me; no problem at Jay). But comparing Jay to Alta doesn't make much sense for someone like me living on the east coast. Jay is a 'drive-to' resort for me; while Alta is a 'fly-to' resort. When my sons and I are looking for a 'drive to', Jay is going to be at the top of our list, even though it is a long haul.
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