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Local Mammoth-ites

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Just got a job in Mammoth, and will be moving in January. I know nothing about the area, people, community, Mountain, etc. I am super excited to move, (work?), and well of course SKI.
If any locals or those in the know can give me any mountain tips, nightlife, general living situations in Mammoth, it is all greatly appreciated. I know there are a few folks on this site that claim Mammoth as their home.
Also, driving from Seattle, Wa what is the best route -safety and timliness considered-to take? I would like to make a stop in Tahoe, and ski for a day or two there on my way down.
Thanks for all your help, I am looking forward to meeting some Mammoth Bears.
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Hey, I've only skied Mammoth for 1 weekend, but it was President's Day weekend, and I was able to avoid all but 2 lines - those being in the morning a 20 minute line because 2 out of 3 lifts on the left side of the mountain were closed, and the other being a 5 minute singles line. Taking the advice of some from PSL, I started my days at the Canyon Lodge. Skied Lincoln peak and that area until lunch, then headed over to Main Lodge, to ski while the masses were in eating. It worked great, and I had no lines.

Have a great time!! :
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You're going to love Mammoth - it is an awesome mountain. I'm 3 hrs north in Tahoe, but get down there often. Amazing backcountry skiing too.

Let me know if you want to meet up for some turns in Tahoe on your way down. august@epicski.com

As for your trip, BE SURE to drive down 395 on the East side of the Sierras from Sacramento/Tahoe, the roads crossing over through the mountains below rt. 80 or 50 are closed in the winter.
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Looks like you picked the right year to move to Mammoth. Right now it is dumping, and I bet we will have a 6-7 foot base by the weekend. Have you looked into housing yet? Like every other ski resort, affordable housing is a big problem. This year is especially bad, as the mountain demolished a couple old hotels they used to house employees, and the new employee housing will not be done this season. January will be pretty tight, as that seems to be when the mountain has the most employees. Things get better by March, as student visas run out. Start looking now, if you don't have a place yet.
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