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Killington this weekend

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So im going on my first real ski trip to killington this weekend. I've been confined to eastern PA (poconos) where I'm a middle intermediate (ha! talk about redundant terms) and do easier blacks on a frequent basis. My question was what should I be lookin out for at Killington in terms of trails? Any that are a must-do for a first timer (greens/hard blues)? Oh, I'm normally on groomers, I'm not up to par for that whole off piste thing yet.
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It's been a while since I was last at Killington and even longer since I last skied the Pocono's, but here's a couple tips.

First, you'll probably want to check out Dave's Killington Page and/or Killington Chat.

Killington has so many trails that it's easier to refer you to areas as oppossed to actual trail names. The glades area (which has absolutely no tree skiing) has a couple shorter intermediate trails, and the Snowdon and Rams Head areas are pretty much an intermediate paradise. Skye Peak and Bear Mountain is where a lot of Killington's black diamonds reside, so the blue's there will tend to be a bit steeper as well. The Canyon's area is home to Killington's double-black "no easy way down" trails, so I'd steer clear of that area.

Hope that helps get you started! I'm sure you'll have a great time.

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