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Best Ski School

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I have heard about Gray Rock in Quebec but I think the Western U.S is a better idea. I am open to suggestions anywhere. Price is a factor. I was also considering Copper Mountain, they use to have a package through club med that was very affordable with daily lessons, lodging and airfare included. Don't need to have all inclusive package. I want to go January. Thanks for any suggestions.
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Oh yes I have only been skiing for about 3 seasons. I just started the blue trails this past year. I go about 6-7 times a season.
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I've been doing some research myself. Phil and Steve Mahre host a camp at Keystone in Colorado which is reported to be great. Also, for Steeps/Powder there is the Alf Engen School at Alta, the NASTC courses (skinastc.com) and the X-team camps. I'm considering the Jackson Hole Steep and Deep camp which has been highly recommended. Angel Fire and Crested Butte offer womens camps which are reported, by first tracks on-line, to be good. Ski and Skiing have had some article in the last couple of years on camps and specifically womens programs, but I can specify which issue. There are several mogul camps too, John Clendenin and Scott Brooksbank host a camp called Ski with the Champs. That looks interesting

So little time .... so much to learn
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Can't believe I forgot to mention the EpicSki gathering this January! That's really worth investigating and the price could be astonishingly reasonable! There's a separate forum here for it.
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Originally posted by Rebecca:
I was also considering Copper Mountain, they use to have a package through club med that was very affordable with daily lessons, lodging and airfare included. Don't need to have all inclusive package. I want to go January. Thanks for any suggestions.
Fyi.. You may want to check, I thought that Club Med at Copper was no longer.
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Thanks everyone yes I called club med and copper mountain is no longer available. Thanks for the other suggestions. I hear a lot about Gray Rock in Quebec I am not sure it comes highly regarded because people are telling me live on East Coast of if is truly one of the better schools.

Great to hear about all of those camps out west. THANKS!!
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When I lived on the East Coast I went to Gray Rocks several times. You spend the whole week in a class with the same students and instructor, so the instructor is able to get a good feel for what you need to work on. Then throw in a private with that same instructor near the end of the week and I think you'll see a big improvement. BTW, the foods great.
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check out Epicski Academy

a 4 day clinic, bargain prices, cheap lodging....... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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You may want to check out Winter Park Colorado.

I once road the lift with a couple from England who had skied all over the world and decided to bring their kids to Winter Park to learn how to ski because they thought very highly of the school.
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If you don't want to go to the academy, and price is a factor, I would go to one of the smaller resorts. In colorado, the bargains are at Eldora and Monarch (at least they were last year). They have privates for less than half of what they cost at the destination resorts. One of the bears teaches at Eldora. I'm sure a week of privates with a bear will improve your skiing!!!
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I can recommend http://www.skischool.com/ at Panorama in British Columbia, http://www.panoramaresort.com/winter/index2.html
The one to one instruction is great. Our favourite instructors are Wil & Drew. We have been skiing there for the past 5 years, usually 2-3 weeks per year.
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I'll weigh in in favor of the Bears ski camp at Solitude in Utah. You'll find some of the country's top pros running clinics for various levels of skiing at a very reasonable cost. Utah is likely to have some of the best snow conditions in the USA in January, and Solitude is a great area with some good terrain for all levels of skiing. Although Solitude is fairly big by Eastern standards, it is not one of the giant destination areas, and as such it has a more low key atmosphere. I drove past Grey Rocks a few times, and my impression is that it is pretty small and does not have much in the way of terrain.

Think Snow!
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Isn't is only something like 600 vertical feet?

Tom / PM
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I think that's about right. It may not even be that big.

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I'll chime in since I'm the Bear from Eldora!

We do have a great resort and our pricing is very competitive. In addition our new SSD is also a Bear!

I would be remiss if I did not mention the value offered by the "camp" we will host at Solitude this winter. The pricing is tremendous.

I would have to say that there are great teachers at every resort.
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I was about to mention Rusty, "the Bear from Eldora," but I see Rusty has appeared in person.

Rebecca--Welcome to EpicSki! What are you looking for in a ski school? If you can be more specific--beginner programs, ski weeks, kids' programs, race camps, "extreme skiing," women's programs, or other special interests, we might be able to give you more specific suggestions. Some ski schools have created outstanding reputations in certain niches.

That said, you've gotten some worthy suggestions already. I can speak for the Mahre Training Center at Keystone. Although I haven't worked at Keystone for three years, I was a coach for the Mahre Training Center for almost fifteen seasons. I can affirm that it is run by some very good instructors, in addition to the Olympic, World, and World Cup champions, Phil and Steve Mahre. There is no other camp where you can count on skiing with the two most successful ski racers this country has ever produced! Over the years of tweaking and evolution, it has become a very "mature" program. It's a good time, and great for your skiing. And it is NOT a race-specific camp, despite its association with the Mahres--it is a recreational ski camp for skiers of all levels, including racers.

Nevertheless, I'm convinced that the best ski camp available this season will be our very own EpicSki Academy (click here for information), to be held at Solitude Resort in Utah at the end of January. An enormous amount of work is going into this thing, which originated with suggestions here in the forum. It will involve some of the very top instructors in the country, as well as top equipment and fitness experts. And they are all accessible right here in the Forum for questions and discussion before the camp, and followup after it. That's an opportunity you won't find anywhere else! This is the first EpicSki Academy ever, and the price has been kept as low as possible--it is half the price of anything else that approaches its scope and quality.

The only other program I'm aware of that involves a staff on par with the EpicSki Academy is the NASTC (National Ski Training Center), which offers a variety of programs around the world, at a MUCH higher price than the EpicSki Academy. So if you're looking for a truly excellent multi-day program, please do check out the EpicSki Academy.

We will have official enrollment information, including a full Enrollment Packet, available very soon--within the next few days. Check the Academy Planning Room (click here) for latest information, to ask questions, or to register suggestions or requests for the Academy. One main reason this Academy will be such a success is that it has been, and continues to be, driven and shaped by the very people who will participate in it. We look forward to your comments and suggestions, and hope you can join us!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

[ October 20, 2002, 09:18 AM: Message edited by: Bob Barnes/Colorado ]
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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Taos. I highly recommend one of the ski week programs there.

I took one several years back and it was outstanding. I think they've always had a reputation for having one of the best ski schools in North America.

Conditions there can be very unpredictable, but the ski week I took was so good, I don't think you'd lose much even in a bad snow year. Can't beat that great Southwest food either.
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You just DID mention Taos, Carvemeister! You're right, the Ernie Blake Ski School at Taos has long had a great reputation for its ski weeks, in particular. There are some great instructors down there too, now including Deb Armstrong, the gold medalist in Giant Slalom in the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics.

One point should be made: the individual instructor makes or breaks a ski lesson. Virtually every major ski school in the country has at least a few excellent instructors on its staff. And, for a variety of reasons, virtually all of them also employ a few truly inept individuals, as well as a number of potentially talented but inexperienced instructors. More important, probably, than identifying the "best ski school," is learning how to ask for and identify the best ski instructors at ANY ski school.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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