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New Zealand photographs

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For those who are interested in what my favourite part of New Zealand looks like, here is a link to a web site with some excellent photos. There are no photos of the ski fields though.

Suggest you select 'Gallery 1', then look at 'Wanaka' and 'Central Otago'. Wanaka and Queenstown are the two main towns for basing yourself in when skiing the commerical fields of NZ. They are both in the province 'Central Otago', and are only an hours drive apart. It is also a wine growing area, so if you into wine, you could combine a ski holiday with some wine tours - see 'Vineyard' photos.
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Oh, that site is COOL. Is the Photographer a freind of yours?

If I didn't want to go bad enough before, I certainly do now. the whole Heli-sking tour is a goal of mine..except now Id like to go in the summer too...for some hiking and/or kayaking...

I especially liked the one of the penguins. Id love to see some up close!
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My sister knows the photographer, she lives in Wanaka, I have not met him. She showed me his web site last weekend when we were up skiing - and bludging a free bed off her. It really is a beautiful area. I had not realised he had gone to the Antartica until I visited his site. We have some small penguins on our coast but nothing like the majestic ones in his photos.
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New Zealand photos? How 'bout these?
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think im gonna cry.

there is something about that middle photo...the one "beyond treble cone...." that really makes me wanna be there....

hpe you dont mind, its my desktop now....<FONT size="1">

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This is unbelievably awesome!! Is it the photographer, or is it just that beautiful?
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That www.cleangreen.co.nz gallery has some amazing images. The South Island of New Zealand is pretty spectacular so the raw material is there for the taking. In the winter and early spring, you have an amazing contrast between the lush green flatlands and the snow in the mountains. If you get tired of mountains, the ocean is always near by. Some of the mountain lakes remind you of what Tahoe must have been like 100 years ago.
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faellen - yes it is that beautiful. If you go see the 'Lord of the Rings' when it is released in December you can see it on the big screen.

LindA - I've been studying GeoffD's photo of heli-skiing the back of Treble Cone. I think the slopes it is showing are easily reached by a short hike to the summit. This is a very popular past time.
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Nope. That photo is from a mountain "beyond" Treble Cone. Not very far... Maybe 1 or 2 peaks beyond TC? As I'm sure you know, Harris Mtn Heli-ski fuels up at the bottom of the TC access road and uses several peaks in the area.

I do have some photos of the out of bounds at Treble Cone kicking around. There's some great terrain there. It's a brutal hike back up to the double chair if you mess up and go too far...
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I've been to New Zealand.

Regardless of whether you go to ski, sail, hit the beaches or whatever, you will NEVER in your life regret going.
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where is the best place to go to get the full experience? (skiing, hiking, kayaking, camping, etc...) north, south?
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LindaA asks:
where is the best place to go to get the full experience?

The South Island has most of the good skiing. Most of the people live in the warmer North Island and the skiing on the North Island is on active volcanoes. I think the population of the south island is about a million and half of those people live in metro-Christchurch. Christchurch has a very British feel. Queenstown is the "resort town" with all sorts of commercial outdoor activities and comes closest to the homogonised US resort experience except that the ski areas are 20 to 30 minutes away. From there, you can find any sort of outdoor attraction. You'll also see tour bus loads of people. Methven/Mt. Hutt and Wanaka/Treble Cone are fairly sleepy ski towns. To really experience the place, you really need to rent a car or a camper van and spend several weeks exploring. It's an island but it's a _BIG_ island.
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I am probably biased, but I think the South Island is the best. It has the 'Southern Alps' mountain range, so has more varied scenery, terrain and micro climates. besides the volvanos int he middle, I find the north island a bit boring.

Campervan holidays are really popular here, even for skiing. Because the towns where you stay are below the snow level, there is not the extreme cold to deal with as in Canada and US ski towns. I don't know if I'd fancy packing up the campervan each morning to drive up the ski field access roads, but lots do it.

Check out http://www.purenz.com

It has info on all sorts of activities. Your dollar goes a long way, one NZ dollar = 43 c USD, 66c CAD.
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