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Can anyone give me a firsthand recent update?
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I'm going up tomorrow - was down the street at alpine friday - no fresh powder or anything - just one lift open but whattheheck for $20 bucks. Groomers and some cut-up powder (with bowling ball size chunks of ice). Got slower, and easier to plow thru crud, after it got into the 40's at noon.

More terrain open at squaw, or so they say. I'll let ya know monday morn.
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I was at Squaw Thursday. Get your skiing in early. the new stuff is pretty "set" in the trees so you get "chuncky" mashed potatoes in the trees. Pretty good grooming job, follow the sun.

Currently KT22 and Olympic are running but getting below 7500 ft gets pretty mushy and sticky early.

at 8200 ft, 2 green lifts are running, 2 blues, Main line? (access to the park), and Shirley Lake. and Granite chief are running. Almost all groomed runs are in good shape. and no one around! I think I only saw one or 2 obstacles all day.

Plan on skiing early morning and ski through lunch, quit early and enjoy high camp if you have time. bring a swim suit. You can use the spa and pool at high camp. (it's included in your ticket price)
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Thanx, I guess I'll keep saving my $$$ for Chile in August.
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Hi again:

There was up to 2 feet of fresh snow yesterday (dunno how much fell from sky vs. got blown around, but whatever) - - - very nice conditions - - - best I can remember in may in last 10 years or so.

It never got sunny (actually was snowing at 6 pm), so snow stayed good, powder got heavier on KT-22 - better conditions on granite chief. Probably worth it for locals to take a day, altho I bet its gonna be all groomed. I wouldn't come from new york, but would play hooky from stockton, for example.

Surprised by number of lifts open given the time of year - siberian, kt-22, granite chief - gave pretty good access to blacks. Gold coast, expedition and shirley to the less steep. Mainline not open (even though website says it is). Actually quite alot of terrain open for this time-0-year.

Bring a lift pass to any resort - gets $10 bucks off ($39 with the pass)at squaw thru end of season. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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